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Guide Build (Gear, Emblem, Skill, Spell) The Strongest Belerick in Mobile Legends

Belerick is the newest tank hero currently obtained from the event. As of this writing, Belerick’s hero has not been sold in the Hero Shop. Belerick has the ability to absorb enemy hero damage and the buff from his passive skill also increases Belerick’s HP when Belerick uses items or gear that increase HP. Use the Flickr battle spell and Tank emblem for Belerick to make it thicker and stronger. Here’s the Guide Build (Gear, Emblem, Skill, Spell) the Strongest and Best Belerick in Mobile Legends.

Beleric Skills

Flower of Life
HP buff of items/gear/equipment increased by 20%. For every 200 damage that Belerick deals, Flower of Life attacks the enemy unit dealing 25 Magic Damage and 2% of Belerick’s total HP.

Nature’s Seed
Belerick throws Vine into the area specified by the player and reduces the opponent’s movement speed.

Power of Nature
Belerick sacrifices HP to increase movement speed and the power of the next basic attack.

Nature’s Shield
Belerick will regenerate 10% HP and create a guarded area. Belerick absorbs 40% of the damage dealt by the enemy to teammates’ heroes in the area. This skill also reduces the damage dealt to Belerick by 30%

Belerick Play Strategy

Focus on defending the tower and protecting our team’s heroes, especially when there is a war, try to make the war happen in the area created by Belerick’s ultimate skill so that the damage to the team hero is not too painful because it is absorbed by Belerick. Prioritize taking skill 1 and ultimate then skill 2.

Guide Build Gear Belerick

Antique Cuirass
Adds physical armor, HP, and HP regen, and reduces the damage given to the enemy

Warrior Boots
Increase physical armor and movement speed

Cursed Helmet
Increase HP and magic resistance

Blade Armor
Increases armor and counter 25% damage to the opponent’s basic physical attack

Sky Guardian Helmet
Adding HP and HP Regen

Twilight Armor
Adding HP, Mana, and HP Regen

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