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Understanding and Differences Internet, Intranet, and Extranet

Internet (Interconnection Networking) is a worldwide computer network that is interconnected with the standard TCP/IP protocol to serve the exchange of data between users around the world. Internet coverage is international territory. Nowadays, many people around the world can access the internet easily, anytime and anywhere. In fact, many service providers offer paid internet access services. There are also malls in big cities that provide free Wi-Fi services for access to the internet.

Intranet is a private / personal computer network that connects internal companies or offices. You could say an intranet is a personal / private / private version of the internet network. In the intranet, important, private, and confidential documents from the company are stored which are generally only accessible to employees of a company.

Extranet / Extranet can be part of an intranet that is restricted to suppliers, vendors, or other business partners.


1. Reach
The reach of the internet is international and can be accessed by anyone, while the intranet can only be accessed by employees of certain agencies, as well as the extranet which is an extension of the intranet.

2. Information
Information on the internet is global and can be accessed by anyone, while information on intranets and extranets can only be accessed by company employees.

3. Purpose
The internet aims to provide information for many people so that it is easily accessible and accelerates the process of learning / education and communication. Intranet aims to provide information for company employees to work on reports. Likewise extranets that aim to provide access to business partners of a company.

4. User
Users of the internet are all people from all over the world, while intranets and extranets are company employees.

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