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5 Strongest, Sickest, and Best Early Game Mobile Legends Heroes

Playing too long and not immediately defeating your opponent can cause the situation to turn around because the longer the opponent’s hero will be stronger as the level and items increase. For that, we need a hero whose items are fast so that they can immediately outperform and defeat the opponent. The advantage of playing fast or fast games is that it saves time, but the risk if you fail to play fast without a marksman is defeat. Here are the 5 Strongest, Sickest, and Best Early Game Heroes in Mobile Legends.

1. Lancelot

Lancelot is one of the assassins whose use is not difficult but the damage is painful. When using his second skill, he becomes immune to any attack. Often Lancelot’s second skill is also used to cancel the ultimate skills of several heroes such as Cyclops and Hayabusa.

2. Hilda

Hilda is a fighter type hero who has the ability to run fast and regenerate in the grass. His attack skills are also quite painful and cannot be underestimated.

3. Zilong

Zilong is a semi assassin fighter hero who is one of the fastest tower destroyers specialists in Mobile Legends. With his spear, he is able to defeat opponents quickly.

4. Bane

Bane is a pirate fighter hero whose all skills are area skills. With the power of tidal energy, he becomes stronger and the damage from his skills is quite painful when it hits the opponent’s hero.

5. Hylos

Although a tank-type hero, Hylos has quite a bit of damage resulting from his second skill. Plus, Hylos also has a stun ability that makes the opponent unable to move for a while.

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