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Guide Build (Gear, Emblem, Skill, Spell) Claude Savage The Worst, Strongest, Best in Mobile Legends

Claude is the newest marksman type hero released on August 7, 2021 on the Mobile Legends main server. This hero relies on attack speed and damage from his basic attack. To use Claude, use the battle spell Inspire and Emblem marksman to make him stronger in the game. Here’s the sickest, strongest, and best Claude Guide in Mobile Legends.


Battle Side By Side
Dexter helps Claude attack, dealing bonus damage to enemies hit by Claude’s basic attack

Art of Thievery
Stealing the opponent’s movement speed and attack speed from the opponent in the player-defined attack area

Battle Mirror Image
Claude creates a shadow of Dexter that can attack the opponent in a certain area. This skill is similar to the Zhask skill that can summon monsters, the difference is that Claude can move to the shadows when this skill is used once again.

Blazing Duet
Claude and Dexter release a Barrage Attack that deals continuous damage to the opponent. The damage from this skill is also considered a basic attack that will trigger Claude’s passive skill

Claude’s Playing Strategy

Early Games
Buy hunting or jungle items so that Claude gets bonus exp and gold from forest monsters. Take skill 2 then immediately take the buff above or below if no one needs it. Then go to the upper/mid/lower lane then clear the lane. Focus on taking skill 1 and ultimate skill, if there is any left then use points to take skill 2.

Mid Game
Stay focused on hunting in the forest, if there is a chance, use it for a solo turtle to get additional gold and exp for the team. If Claude is in the mid lane, don’t forget to roam or help the top lane and bottom lane so you can beat your opponent faster. Notify the team if the enemy hero disappears from the map.

Late Game
Sell ​​hunting items used early in the game, replace them with Blade of Despair. Buy an attack potion if all items have been purchased and there is gold left.

Guide Build Gear Claude


Increase attack speed significantly, increase movement speed and crit chance

Rapid Boots
Increase movement speed or movement speed significantly

Haas Claw
Increases Claude’s attack damage and lifesteal effect

Berserkers Fury
Increases attack damage, critical chance, and Claude’s critical damage

Scarlet Phantom
Increase physical attack damage, critical chance, and attack speed

Blade of Despair
Increases Claude’s attack damage significantly

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