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Guide Build (Gear, Emblem, Tutorial, How to Play) Lapu-Lapu The Sickest, Strongest, Best in Mobile Legends

Lapu-Lapu is a semi assassin fighter type hero who has balanced defense and attack abilities. In addition, Lapu-Lapu also has the ability to charge which can chase the opponent and also stun to make the opponent unable to move for a while. This is the Guide Build (Gear, Emblem, Tutorial, How to Play) Lapu-Lapu is the Sickest, Strongest, Best in Mobile Legends.

Lapu-Lapu Skill

Hero’s Faith
Lapu-Lapu will get a stack from Bravery Blessing after hitting the enemy with a basic attack or skill. After reaching 5 stacks, the next basic attack will get additional damage and Lapu-Lapu will also get a shield.

Justice Blade
In normal mode, Lapu-Lapu will throw two Boomeranging Blades of Light in the specified direction and then return to Lapu-Lapu. Heavy Sword mode will move a Giant Flying Wheel which causes enemies to slow down.

Brave Stance
In normal mode, Lapu-Lapu charges in the specified direction and deals damage to enemies it passes.

Chieftain’s Rage
In normal mode, Lapu-Lapu combines his Twin Blades into a Heavy Sword and slashes forward which causes the opponent to take damage and stun. Lapu-Lapu will also experience an increase in physical and magic defense (physical and magical defense) and enter the Heavy Sword state. In the Heavy Sword state, Lapu-Lapu’s basic attack increases (passive effect) and this skill can be used to inflict damage to enemies around Lapu-Lapu.

Combo Skill and Lapu-Lapu Attack
Use skill 1 to throw the sword at the opponent, then skill 2 to charge towards the opponent. Then use skill 3 to stun the opponent, then use skill 3 again to inflict damage to the opponent. Continue with skill 1, then end with skill 2.

Lapu-Lapu Play Strategy

Early Games
Take skill 1 (Justice Blade) then buy hunting items to hunt in the jungle. Head to the top or bottom buff to pick it up if no team member needs it. After that go to the top or bottom lane to clear the lane from minions / creeps.

Mid Game
Stay focused on guarding the tower and hunting in the forest to level up. If there are 2 or more opposing heroes who die, use the opportunity to go to the turtle and defeat it to get additional gold and exp.

Late Game
Sell ​​jungle items purchased at the beginning of the game and then replace them with Immortality. Buy a potion attack item if there is still gold left and all gear or items have been purchased. Be careful of marksman heroes because even though Lapu-Lapu has a fairly strong shield and defense, in late game marksman heroes the damage is very painful and the attack speed cannot be underestimated.

Guide Build Gear Lapu-Lapu

Warrior Boots
Increases movement speed and physical armor of Lapu-Lapu

Bloodlust Ax
Adds physical attack damage, cooldown reduction, and lifesteal skill (spell vamp)

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
Adds physical damage, HP, and cooldown reduction.

Endless Battle
Increases physical attack damage, lifesteal,

Blade of Despair
Increases physical attack damage significantly

Added magic resistance and the effect of rising from the dead (cooldown 180 seconds)