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8 Ways to Save Battery Power on Android, iPhone, iPad (iOS) Smartphones

Smartphones whose battery usage is not optimal will definitely run out of battery quickly. Of course the impact will be felt when we want to use the smartphone for important purposes such as work or tasks but instead the battery is low or the battery runs out. Here are some ways to optimize Android and iOS smartphone batteries to save battery power and don’t run out quickly.

1. Turn off unnecessary background apps
Turn off applications that are still running but are not or rarely used so that no processes from the application are still running.

2. Shorten Auto Lock Screen
After using the cellphone and not locking it, the system will do a countdown before locking the screen if the auto lock function is on and running properly. For that, it’s better to lock the screen after using a smartphone and also shorten the auto lock time so that it automatically locks faster when you forget to lock it. On iOS it can be found in the Settings menu -> Display & Brightness -> Auto Lock.

3. Turn on Power Save or Battery Saver Mode
Turn on or turn on the power save mode on the smartphone so that the system runs the power saving mode. When the power save or batter saver mode is on, there will usually be changes in the system that make the battery more efficient, for example, reducing brightness and turning off background processes that are not used.

4. Turn off unnecessary app notification features
When a notification is received from an application, the smartphone screen will automatically turn on and will reduce battery power. Therefore, it is better to turn off unnecessary application notifications or mute chat or group chats that are less important. On iOS, it can be found in the Settings menu -> Notifications->Application Name.

5. Reduce brightness
Lighting that is too bright makes the battery drain faster. The solution is to reduce lighting or brightness so that battery consumption is not too wasteful. On iOS it can be found in the Settings menu -> Display & Brightness.

6. Turn off Wifi and Data Packages when not in use
If you don’t use wifi and data packages, it’s better to just turn off the function because there are processes that consume quite a lot of battery power, such as searching for access points and exchanging or sending data. In iOS, it can be found in the Settings menu -> Wi-Fi

7. Turn off Live Wallpaper / Screen Saver
Live wallpapers or screensavers will make the battery run out quickly because there is a process of changing images that are carried out continuously and make the smartphone work harder than using ordinary wallpapers that don’t move.

8. Uninstall Unused Applications
Delete or uninstall applications that are not used so that they do not fill memory or consume smartphone battery power.

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