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Guide Build Bane (Gear, Emblem, Battle Spell, Ability) Strongest and Best in Mobile Legends

Bane is a hero with an octopus-like head and crab claw-shaped hands. His fighting ability is quite terrible because all of his skills are area skills and the damage is quite painful when all the gear is ready. Use tank emblems and battle spell retribution or flickr to help Bane in battle. The following is the strongest and best Bane Build Guide (Gear, Emblem, Spell, Ability) in Mobile Legends.

Skill Bane

Shark Bite (Passive)
Bane combines her weapon with the power of the waves and increases her next basic attack damage.

Crab Claw Cannon
Fires a crab claw cannon in a designated direction and deals damage to targets in the area.

Bane drinks rum and adds HP and movement speed. Use this skill again to release poison towards the opponent

Deadly Catch (Ultimate)
Summon deep sea fish to chase and deal damage to the target. This skill area can hit more than 1 opponent at once and continue to chase it until the skill time runs out. This skill can also be used to attack the tower.

Bane’s Combo Skill and Attack
1-2-3-basic attack or 1-3-basic attack-2
Start the attack by firing cannons, if the enemy runs away, it can be continued with skill 2 and skill 3 (ultimate). Another combo is to attack the enemy with a canon then skill 3 immediately if he doesn’t run away and attack with a basic attack, then if he runs away use skill 2 to catch up then use skill 2 again to spit out poison.

Bane Playing Strategy

Early Games
Buy hunting items to increase Bane’s experience when hunting in the forest later. Bane does not need to take buffs at the beginning of the game, but help teammates to pick up buffs. Take skill 1 first which is useful for attacking enemies in an area. Take skills 1 and 2 alternately but prioritize taking the ultimate skill.

Mid Game
In the mid game, keep the tower while hunting in the forest if there is a chance. If there are 2 or more opposing heroes who die, immediately go to the turtle with your teammates to defeat them and get additional exp and gold for the team.

Late Game
Bane needs to be careful of enemy assassins and marksmans whose damage is painful in the late game. Stay away from grass or bushes to avoid being suddenly attacked by the opposing team. Buy an attack potion to increase Bane’s attack when all the gear has been purchased and there is gold left.

Guide Build Gear Bane

Rapid Boots
Increase movement speed significantly

Berserkers Fury
Increase physical damage, crit chance, and crit damage

Bloodlust Ax
Adds physical damage, cooldown reduction, and lifesteal from spells (spell vamp)

Endless Battle
Adds physical damage, mana regen, hp, cooldown reduction, movement speed, and lifesteal.

2x Blade of Despair
Increases physical attack damage significantly

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