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Guide Build Gear,Tutorials,How to Play Jawhead The Painful,Strongest,Best in Mobile Legends

Jawhead is a fighter type hero in Mobile Legends who has the unique ability to throw heroes in certain directions. This hero also has quite sick damage and the ability to stun from his ultimate skill. Emblems that are suitable for Jawhead are assassin or fighter emblems, while battle spells can use flickr or retribution. This is the Build Gear Guide, Tutorial, How to Play Jawhead The Painful, Strongest, Best in Mobile Legends.

Jawhead Skills

Mecha Suppression (Passive)
Opponents who are hit by Jawhead damage will be exposed to a Compression effect that can accumulate. Each stack or stack Compression will add Jawhead damage to the target.

Smart Missiles
Fires missiles continuously for 5 seconds at enemies around Jawhead.

Enters ejector mode which adds shield and Jawhead movement speed. Can throw enemy heroes or own team heroes. The enemy hero that is thrown will take damage as well.

Unstoppable Force (Ultimate)

Charges to a targeted enemy hero, deals damage to that hero, and knocks back enemy heroes around the target hero.

Jawhead Playing Strategy

Early Games
Take skill 1 (Smart Missiles) which can be used to hunt in the forest or destroy minions in the lane. Help teammates to take buffs or can go directly to the lane to guard the tower from enemy hero attacks and creeps. Take skills 1 and 2 alternately but still prioritize taking the ultimate skill. It’s better not to open war before getting the ultimate skill.

Mid Game
Stay focused on keeping the tower in the mid game. If there is a chance go to the turtle to kill it so that the team gets additional exp and gold.

Late Game
Be careful of the opponent’s assassins and marksman during the late game because their damage is already very painful, so don’t try to fight one of them alone. Kill the Lord if 2 or more opposing heroes die. Buy attack potions to increase Jawhead’s attack.

Guide Build Gear Jawhead

Rapid Boots
Increase movement speed significantly

Bloodlust Ax
Adds physical attack damage, cooldown reduction, and lifesteal from skills (spell vamp)

Blade of The 7 Seas
Increase physical damage, HP, and reduce the opponent’s armor or physical defense

Endless Battle
Increase physical attack damage, mana regen, HP, cooldown reduction, movement speed, and lifesteal

Rose Gold Meteor
Increases physical attack damage, magic resistance, and lifesteal

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
Increase physical damage, HP, and cooldown reduction

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