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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, How to Play the Painful and Best Selena in Mobile Legends

Selena is a new assassin mage type hero that has just been released a few days ago. Selena has 2 forms and each form has a different skill, like Roger. This is where the challenge is in using this Selena hero, which is to be fast and precise in using the existing skills and then change shape and attack the opponent. Mistakes in using a skill or timing when using a skill can be fatal and make it fail to finish off the opponent. Use battle spell retribution and magic emblems to support Selena to be stronger in the game. Here’s a Build Gear Guide, Tutorial, How to Play the Painful and Best Selena. Here’s a Build Gear Guide, Tutorial, How to Play the Painful and Best Selena in Mobile Legends.


Symbiosis (Passive)

Adds an Abyssal mark to the opponent when using an abyssal skill in Elven form

Elven Form

Primal Darkness
Transforms into Abyssal and gets additional damage when using basic attacks. When changed, Selena’s movement speed will increase for a while.

Abyssal Arrow
Fires the power of the Abyss in the form of arrows in a certain direction with a considerable distance. The farther the enemy is hit, the longer the stun duration of this skill will be. Enemies hit will also receive a token that will increase Selena’s damage to her.

Abyssal Trap
Make a trap in a certain area. Enemies hit will take damage and receive a mark.

Abyssal Form

Blessing of the Moon God
Returning to Elven form, movement speed will increase temporarily when changing.

Jump and attack in the direction specified by the player, this effect will activate the abyssal mark effect given to the opponent in the elven form. With this sign, this skill immediately finishes cooldown. This skill can also be used to escape if it fails to defeat the opponent or is suddenly attacked by the opponent.

Soul Eaters
Using the power of the Abyss to strengthen Selena’s claws, when used against enemies, Selena will get a shield for a while.

Selena Attack Combo
Skill 2 continues with skill 1 (Elven Form), then changes to Abyss form, use skill 2 until the abyssal mark runs out, then skill 1 for finishing.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
Like other assassin heroes, Selena needs an item hunt at the beginning of the game. This hero includes a hero who can hunt quickly in the forest. For skills taken, you can take skill 1 or skill 2, there is no problem. Later the two skills should be taken alternately, but still prioritize taking the ultimate skill. After buying the hunt item and taking the skill, immediately take the lower buff and then go to the lower lane to clear the lane.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
If there is an opportunity, use it to solo turtle or take the opponent’s jungle monster.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
Be careful in the late game against assassins or marksman because usually their damage is very painful, especially Lesley.

Guide Build Gear Selena

Rapid Boots

Increases movement speed significantly, very useful for chasing opponents or escaping

Enchanted Talisman
Reduces skill cooldown time by 20% and mana regeneration

Concentrated Energy
Functions for lifesteal from skills (spell vamp) so that Selena is not easily defeated

Necklace of Durance
Reduces opponent’s regeneration ability by 50%, very useful against heroes who rely on lifesteal or HP regeneration

Devil Tears
Add magic power and magic penetration to the opponent

Blood Wings
Add magic power and HP

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