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Functions of 12 Battle Spells in Mobile Legends

Battle spells are very important for a hero in the game. Its presence has a vital role in covering the shortcomings of a hero or maximizing the abilities of the hero itself.

Well, in Mobile Legends itself there are now 12 battle spells that have different functions. So that you don’t use it wrong, this time Gamelmit will discuss the 12 functions of battle spells in mobile legends.

• Execute

Execute is the first battle spell that can be used from level one or more precisely during the tutorial. The function of the Execute battle spell itself is to add damage to an opponent that can only be used when near the opponent. and the cooldown will be reduced by 40% when the enemy hit by Execute for less than 5 seconds dies.

• Retribution

Retribution is a battle spell that will increase damage to the nearest monster or minion with the resulting damage increasing according to the hero level but when combined with the Raptor Machete item, Retribution can be used to attack the opponent’s hero.

This Retribution battle spell is very suitable for use by heroes who need faster farming time like an assassin role.

• Inspire

If you want to increase your attack speed, leave it to the Inspire battle spell because the Inspire battle spell serves to increase strength and speed in attacking.

Spell Inspire will be very suitable for heroes who have attack speed such as Marksman and Fighter roles.

• Sprint

From the name alone, maybe we can guess the use of this spell. Yep, the Sprint battle spell functions to increase the movement speed or movement speed of a hero by 42% for 10 seconds which every 2 seconds will fade, but the next 2 seconds are immune to slow effects.

Spell Sprint is usually used by heroes who want to play it safe or don’t have any escaping skills.

• Healing

Healing is a battle spell that functions to increase or heal HP heroes and nearby friends by 14% for heroes and 12% for friends depending on the number of heroes as well.

Healing spells are rarely used in rank mode because they are not optimal, but they are not useless because Healing spells are widely used in brawl mode.

• Aegis

Want to have a shield when fighting you can use the Battle spell Aegis which will create a shield when used to withstand damage of 720-1420 for 3 seconds. Not only heroes who use it, but friend heroes who are near and have the lowest HP will also receive 50% shield.

• Petrify

Petrify is a battle spell that functions to create a stun effect and inflict magic damage around an area of ​​115-325 which will increase according to the hero’s level. The use of the Petrify spell is usually when fighting an agile hero so that it doesn’t move even if it’s only for 0.7 seconds.

• Purify

The negative effects obtained when fighting will disappear after using the Purify spell and will be immune from negative effects for 1 second. In addition, the Purify battle spell will increase the hero’s speed by 30%. This spell is very suitable during war.

• Scout

Scout is a battle spell that will summon Harper to monitor the surroundings or usually to see heroes hiding in the area. However, when Harper is touched by an opponent, the effect of this spell will disappear, but the cooldown will be reduced by 30% for the next use.

• Flicker

Flicker is a mainstay spell for many players when fighting because it functions to teleport or move close range. Usually Flicker is used to run away or chase opponents. Even heroes without escaping skills can make Flicker’s battle spell the choice to use.

• Arrival

Arrival is a battle spell that allows users to teleport remotely to minions and towers after 3 seconds. The minions and towers that are the target will be immune during the teleport. By using the battle spell Arrival to defend the tower more efficiently.

• Vengeance

Finally, there is the battle spell Vengeance which is still relatively new. This battle spell, which is similar to Blade Armor or the display of Jhonson’s passive skill, serves to generate or reflect magic damage to all opposing heroes who attack the user with a basic attack for 4 seconds. This spell is usually used by hero tanks who are on the front line.

Well, that’s the function of the 12 battle spells in Mobile Legends because the battle spell is very helpful to determine victory when fighting.

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