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Build Items Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Hayabusa is an assassin hero with shadow abilities in attacking. He has high mobility, but is also difficult to use by players who are still cloudy because they need the right speed and timing in using his skills. In addition, Hayabusa will be very dangerous when issuing his ultimate because he can’t stopped by any hero.


Well, this time, Gamelmit will share Hayabusa’s build items, for those of you who want to use Hayabusa but are confused about the build. The build item itself is not much different from Hayabusa’s default build, only the location is different.

The Hayabusa item build this time according to Gamelmit is very suitable because it has the right mix of damage and cooldown for Hayabusa. Here are more details about the items used.

• Raptor Machete

Hero assassins definitely need a short time in farming so that the items used are quick. So, the first item that is very suitable for Hayabusa farming is an item that will add more damage to jungle monsters such as the Raptor Machete item.

An item that is very useful for this jungler because in addition to dealing more damage to monsters, it can also change the Retribution spell that Hayabusa uses later to be used to attack opponents. You can also replace Raptor Machete with BOD in the late game so that Hayabusa gets sicker.

• Magic Shoes

Faster cooldown skills are the goal of building this Hayabusa item so that making the second item or shoe item suitable for Hayabusa to use is Magic Shoes because apart from increasing speed like other shoes, it will also add 10% cooldown.

• Hunter Strike & Bloodlust Ax

Like a shoe item to find additional cooldows, it is not much different from the two next attack items used, namely Hunter Strike and Bloodlust Ax. Both attack items have the same additional 10% cooldown so Hayabusa will have a shorter cooldown skill after buying two those items.

Of course, not only the cooldow is useful for Hayabusa, but the two items are balanced with an additional physical attack that is no less important so that Hayabusa has sick damage.

• Blade of Despair

The next item is an item that is no less important as well as an expensive item, namely BOD. The damage that Hayabusa produces after buying BOD will get sicker, not to mention if you sell Raptor Machete and replace it with BOD so that you have 2 BOD it will definitely hurt Hayabusa in attacking.

• Rose Gold Meteor

Finally, there is the Rose Gold Meteor which is a multifunctional item because it is not only an attack item, it is also a defense item that will create a shield to absorb 510-1350 damage for 3 seconds when the user’s HP is below 30%.

This is what makes the Rose Gold Meteor item very useful for Hayabusa during the late game so that he doesn’t die easily or has a chance to escape more because of the shelid.


• Assassin

In accordance with the Hayabusa role, this build uses the Assassin emblem. The following is for the tier used.

• Tier 1 talent is Bravery which is useful for making Hayabusa more sick.
• Tier 2 Talent is Fatal to increase Crit.Chance.
• Tier 3 talent, which is using a Bounty Hunter which will increase Hayabusa’s gold when he kills an opponent even though it has a maximum limit, compared to Killing Spree which adds to Hayabusa’s HP which is actually less than the maximum because Hayabusa already has sufficient lifesteal ability.


• Retribution

For the spell in this build it is Retribution because as an assassin hero who does take a short time when farming it will be very suitable to use Retribution to add damage to monsters so that farming is faster. Not to mention if it has been combined with Raptor Machete items so that it can be used to attack opponents to make spells this is very useful.

Okh, that’s Hayabusa’s build item according to Gamelmit which balances damage and cooldown skills because Hayabusa really needs it. How are you interested in using the build item?

A few tips for using Hayabusa, namely focusing on farming, for example, at the beginning you can clear minions first, then buy jungle items and take buffs and come back clear minions, then continue to help clear other minion lines.

The important point is to always try to get all the creeps to get rich quick. After you have bought at least 2 items, you can do a split push or help war by not forgetting farming.