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6 Annoying Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends

Mage has become a role that has quite a lot of heroes until the current season. From the row of many mage heroes, there are many who become the sickest to annoying mage heroes.

Well, for this opportunity, Gamelmit has chosen 6 annoying mage heroes from the existing mage heroes. Not because they are powerful, but because they have skills that make them run or are difficult to approach.

• Odette

Odette is a hero that can be obtained by completing tasks within a certain time at the beginning of playing the game, but even so, Odette becomes an annoying hero when she releases her ultimate skill Swan Song which is in the form of a circle with a wide range.

When the opponent is in the skill area, not only is he damaged but will also be affected by the slow effect for the first 2 seconds. Well, that skill is what makes Odette hate and think twice about attacking her when she takes out her ultimate skill.

• Eudora

Eudora is the next annoying mage hero. This lightning repairman is a hero who has been around for a long time but is still very annoying until now. His second-hand skill ability makes this hero not easy to approach or easy to run away from.

Add to that the ultimate skill that summons a large and painful lightning so that it can punish any opponent easily.

• Aurora

After the lightning bolt, the next annoying mage hero is the Aurora ice maker. His ability to control ice makes Aurora hated by many players because in addition to having a relatively short cooldown skill, Aurora’s ultimate Coldness Destroy skill which when combined with her passive skill can freeze heroes within reach. those skills.

• Alice

Alice becomes a hero mage who makes opponents think twice about attacking when she takes out her ultimate skill because with her ultimate skill Alice can absorb the blood of opponents that are within her reach.

Although not as extensive as Odette’s skill, Alice’s skill is hated by many players.

• Pharsa

Pharsa is the next hero mage who is annoying and hated by many players. This bird-like hero has the ultimate skill with a wide range and continuous attack. Not to mention the added slow effect when in the area makes Pharsa difficult to approach the opponent if you don’t want to. dead ridiculous.

• Gord

Finally, there is Gord the laser repairman. Gord is a hero mage with the characteristic of using a flying skybord. He is a hero mage who is difficult to approach because of the ability of his skills to create stun and slow effects.

Then, the ultimate skill which is very annoying even though it is only in one direction but can disperse the enemy line.

Well, that’s the gamelmit version of the annoying hero mage. What do you think is the most annoying hero mage.

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