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Build Sun Mobile Legends, The Monkey Clone

Sun is a fighter-type hero who is still considered, thanks to his ability to clone his body so that it can confuse the enemy.

However, Sun is difficult to use when in the early game because apart from not being sick he doesn’t have escape skills, maybe the only skill to escape is his ultimate skill.

But by using a suitable build item, Sun can become a hero who never retreats or runs away from battle like a tank hero. Well, this time Gamelmit will share a Sun build that you can use.

Unlike most builds, this build doesn’t use shoe items because it focuses on Defense and Attack Speed. Here’s an explanation.


• Demon Hunter Sword

Not using shoe items in this build, making DHS the first item suitable for Sun. Considering DHS is an item that will provide attack speed and more damage to jungle monsters so it can be faster for farming in the early game. In addition, DHS will also Gives a little extra lifesteal from ordinary attacks that can be stacked up to 5 times.

• Corrosion Scythe

Almost similar to DHS, the Corrosion Scythe item will provide additional attack speed, the difference is that if a normal DHS attack will produce lifesteal, while Corrosion will produce an additional 8% attack speed that can be stacked up to 5 times.

It doesn’t stop there, Corrosion Scyte will also reduce the opponent’s movement speed so that it will combine with the slow effect produced by the skill. This is what makes the Corrosion Scyte item very suitable for Sun, especially with the combination of DHS, Sun’s attack speed will be faster.

• Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

This first defense item is very mandatory to buy because it is very important and very useful for Sun so that his lifesteal ability when he casts a shadow can increase faster and maximally, so that it can make it difficult for Sun to die when fighting more than one enemy at once.

• Blade of Despair

As the most expensive attack item, Blade of Despair will serve as the biggest contributor to Sun’s damage so that attacks will hurt.

• Antique Cuirass

For the following defense items, its use depends on the hero used by the opponent. If the opponent has many mage heroes, you can replace them with Athena Sheild but if you can use Antique Cuirass instead. In addition to providing defense, Antique Cuirass will also add HP and HP regen which is very useful for thickening lives when in late games.

• Endless Battle

Finally, there is Endless Battle which is never left behind for fighter heroes. This item which is fairly complete is very useful for Sun to maximize his abilities in the late game because after the skill is issued there will be additional Physical Attack and increase Movement Speed ​​when the effect is active.


• Fighters

For the use of the emblem in this build, it is in accordance with the role of the fighter because of the compatibility between Sun’s abilities and the effect of the fighter emblem itself which when combined is very good. Here are the tiers used.

• Tier 1 Talent : Bravery to increase physical attack.
• Tier 2 Talent: Swift to increase Sun’s attack speed.
• Talent Tier 3: For tier 3 talents, you can use Unbending Will to have additional damage for every 1% of lost HP with a maximum of 10% or use talent tier 3 Disabling Strike which produces a slow effect and fits perfectly with Sun’s skills, not yet again, if Sun already has a fast Attack Speed, it can easily kill the opponent.


• Petrify

Many spells are suitable for Sun such as Sprint and Flicker if you want to play it safe or Inspire to speed up Sun’s attacks. However, this time Gamelmit uses the Petrify spell to create a stun effect, making it difficult for enemies to attack or run from Sun’s attacks.

A few tips for using Sun when solo rank is farming as fast as possible and warlah if pressed. Try to focus on farming because it is the key to Sun’s success so, rather than looking for enemies and wars that only make items not work.

Well, that’s the Sun build that prioritizes Attack Speed ​​and Defense because the results can be better than prioritizing full damage items even though they are sick but easily die, especially if they don’t have escape skills.

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