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Can you add Michat bottles so they don't run out quickly?

How to add bottles in Michat 2021 / missing Michat bottles / how to prevent Michat bottles from running out

Can / is there a way to add Michat bottles so they don’t run out? – Recently there was an application on the topic “communication“on Android & iOS that is booming and widely used by people. Well the app is Michat.

Michat application is a social media application that is widely distributed and downloaded by people from multiple regions and countries around the world, including people from our country.

Just like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, the Michat application is also a social media application that we can use to chat with people we know or don’t know.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out that the Michat application is more similar to the Wechat chat application. Both in the way it looks, how it works and in the logo between the two applications. However, the existence and presence of the Wechat application existed long before the Michat application was released.

Michat PTE Limited, as the developer of the application, continues to make updates and improvements to any bugs that are still stored in the application. This is done in order to create a better Michat application and to improve the user experience.

The Michat application is indeed very suitable for those who make a lot of friends and want to make friends with people they do not know online, as the Michat application has several functions that are very useful and helpful in making new friends Find.

The functions in question are functions Nearby users (find users near us), Message in a bottle (make new friends by throwing and picking up bottles), hip chat (a community that is the most popular and is made up of a large number of users who belong to it).

The functions mentioned above have their respective uses depending on the attractiveness of the user. However, when talking about these three features, there is one pretty unique feature that is actually used very widely by users. Well, that function is a function Order in a bottle.

The function of the message in a bottle is unique. Users can interact with each other by throwing bottles or picking up bottles. If a user manages to take another user’s bottle, the user who took the bottle can read the content of the chat or written words written by the user whose bottle was removed.

If they match and are interested in responding to the chat, the user who took the bottle can chat directly with the user who took the bottle.

Is there any way to add bottles in Michat? Can the Michat bottle go out or disappear?

Well, the most frequently asked questions from michat users, especially users interested in playing with the message in a bottle feature, are: Can i add a bottle on michat?

the answer, no..

In the past, the ability to take bottles on Michat was not restricted. Since the update, the bottle pick-up function at michat has been limited to the maximum 20 times.

If the consumption of a bottle on this Michat has reached the maximum limit of 20 times, a notification appears with a notification that the bottle is empty.

This limitation seems very disappointing. However, this is done by the developer to avoid unwanted things like spam etc.

There is no way to add bottles here. When the bottle runs out, users can try again the next day. This means that the bottle collection function is available again and users can carry out bottle collection activities as usual.

Info: How to permanently delete a Michat account.

That is the discussion of the questions that michat users often ask about the message in a bottle. Hopefully this information can be useful and useful for all Michat users.

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