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How To Get Onimaru's Epic Saber Skin For Free (script)

Download the epic Saber Onimaru skin script for free

How to get Onimaru’s Epic Saber Skin for Free – One of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends game is the Saber hero.

When we first played the Mobile Legends game, the first free hero we got was Layla’s hero, then Zilong’s hero, and the third was Saber’s hero.

This hero-assassin can indeed be said to be one of the oldest heroes to be released when the Mobile Legends game was just first released.

Aside from getting the Saber hero for free, we can also get the skin for free, which is the Golden Flash skin, if we sign up for new player prizes on day two.

Up until now, Hero Saber is still widely used by gamers, especially to counter certain heroes like Fanny, Hayabusa, Irithel and so on.

Since he’s been around for a long time, the Saber hero already has many cool and luxurious skins that are supposed to embellish the appearance of the Saber hero.

So what are the cool and luxurious skins Moonton has now released for the Saber hero?

Well, so far the Saber hero has a skin Golden Flash, Force Warrior (Star), Codename Storm (Legend), Fullmetal Ronin (Elite), Saber Regulator (Epic), and the recently released one is the skin Onimaru (epic).

Some of these skins are available for free and others must be purchased with diamonds to get them. But what about Onimaru’s saber skin? Can it be obtained for free?

In fact, this skin can only be obtained from diamond spin events. However, players will also have the option to get the skin for free by using the epic Saber Onimaru skin script. To make it clearer, my friend can follow the guide below.

Free Onimaru Saber Skin Mobile Legends

>> First prepare the necessary materials, such as Epic script of the saber, game guard, parallel room, game mobile legends. To download Saber’s epic skin script, you can do so right here.

>> Then open the game guard by going through the parallel space and mobile legend game.

>> Then my friend opens the Mobile Legends game, then an icon with the Game Guardian logo automatically appears on the screen.

>> Then my friend click on the icon and choose Mobile Legends Bang Bang (UnityKillsMe).

>> Next, enter the script you downloaded earlier and then click the menu icon “play” the three dots next to typing the open version of the script, then press “workDon’t forget to use a password: WACKYPH.

>> Please, my friend, wait a few minutes for all processes to complete, then a script reading will appear, my friend can click on it, then the script will work automatically and can be used in any mode in Mobile Legends game. also in ranked mode.

>> Done! Finally my friend can use the Epic Saber Skin without having to remove the diamond.

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That’s an easy way to practice right away to get the Saber Epic Onimaru skin for free without removing any diamonds. Hopefully this article tutorial can be useful and helpful to all Mobile Legends players. Greetings Moba players!

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