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Here's how to take a screenshot of the latest Webtoon 2021 that has proven successful

How to take a screenshot in the new version of the Webtoon on an Android phone

Here’s how to take a screenshot of the latest Webtoon 2021 – Do you have problems taking screenshots on Webtoon? Or is your Webtoon application unable to take screenshots? Then you don’t need to worry because you can take screenshots on your Android phone (Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Asus, Samsung, Honor etc) or your iPhone by following the discussion of the solutions below.

As we know, so far there have been no glitches or obstacles for readers to take screenshots. However, after the update, the Webtoon application will no longer allow readers to take screenshots of every comic it contains.

So what is the basis for issuing such regulations and prohibitions?

Upon tracing, it turns out that this was due to the many complaints from Webtoon comic publishers about the number of newsletters containing comic images they post outside of the Webtoon application without their permission. The dissemination of these images begins with screenshots taken by the readers.

The distribution of many screenshots naturally has something to do with copyrights published by publishers. This is because the comics they create can be easily distributed via screenshots. Of course, this action is very disadvantageous for the publishers, since their efforts such as the publication of stories and illustrations in the form of comics can be easily disseminated.

After the many complaints and requests from the publishers, the developer of the Line Webtoon application has now decided to ban screenshots by restricting screenshots of the comics it contains. This step was taken by the developer to appreciate the editors in writing stories and illustrations.

So the question most readers ask themselves is:How do I take a screenshot in a Webtoon?“.

So far there is no solution from the developer to enable readers to take screenshots in the Webtoon. Using a third-party application in the form of a screenshot service does not make sense here either, since the results of a third-party application that provides a screenshot service only give a gray picture.

The only way to take screenshots on the webtoon is to revert to the old version where no screenshot restrictions were published. Use the old version of the line webtoon application, not the latest version. How to do this is explained directly below.


  1. Please first delete the latest webtoon application that is still installed on your smartphone.
  2. The next step is to download the old version of the webtoon which is version 1.9.8. You can find it on websites that offer Webtoon application downloads with this version, or you can go here directly.
  3. After that, find the APK file and allow installation access.
  4. Install and open the application when it is successfully downloaded to your device.
  5. Once you have it open, please take a screenshot as usual. Select which comic you want to take as a screenshot.
  6. Complete! You have now successfully taken a screenshot in the webtoon application as usual.

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That’s an easy way so you can keep taking screenshots on that Webtoon line. Hopefully this information can be useful and help you all who are having trouble taking screenshots on the webtoon. Those are all the simple steps you can apply, good luck.

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