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Build Saber Super Sick, Once the Enemy Ulti Can Die

Saber is a Charge and Reap specialist Assassin role that can be used for free when starting the game. Even though it’s free, it doesn’t mean it’s useless because until now the saber still survives and is used in top ranks and tournaments.


He can survive because of the advantages of his ultimate skill that can lock opponents and super sick damage when the item is finished. Heroes like marksman in late games who have extraordinary damage can die in one ulti, even mage heroes and fellow assassins can die.

In addition, Saber can be used to attack long distances using his polite skills to repay the opponent’s blood. However, Saber has a weakness that can die instantly when hit by the opponent’s CC due to low HP even during the late game.

So, in this article, I will share a super sick build item that can kill your opponent once.


• Reptor Machete

Hero Assassin as much as possible quickly raises and makes the item first in a battle so that the damage is felt. Therefore the first item to buy is the Raptor Machete to help jungling faster.

Because Raptor Machete will give an additional 30% damage to forest monsters and 30% Exp when successfully killing Creap. Raptor Machete will also cause the Retribution spell to be used to attack enemy heroes.

Well, you know, it’s fast in jungling, Exp also increases and we can still use the Retribution spell for the last way to kill the enemy when the hit point is low or when the skill cooldown and runs out of mana.

• Rapid Boots

The second item purchased is Rapid Boots. Why is Rapid Boots not another shoe because Rapid Boots is a shoe item that has the highest Movement Speed ​​​​from the others, which adds +80% Movement Speed.

Movement Speed ​​Rapid Boots are very suitable for Saber because he has a slow movement speed. However, when Saber attacks or is damaged, it will be affected by a slow effect of 40 in 5 seconds.

• Endless Battle

Items that do not miss to buy is Endless Battle. Items that are very useful for Saber.

Because Endless Battle will give +15% Lifesteel and +25% Mana Regen and +10% Cooldown which is very important for Saber, imagine how in the early and mid games without Saber’s lifestell against super minoin or when the jungling hitpoint decreases instead of increasing and can die of course .+25 Mana Regen will also be useful because the saber is quite wasteful of mana.

In addition, Endless Battle also adds +Attack, +5% Movement Speed ​​which can increase to +10%. Last but not least, Endless Battle is +60 Physical Attack which can increase up to +85%.

• Blade Of Despair

The last item purchased and which makes Saber super sick are 3 Blades of Despair. Each Blade Of Despair will give +150% Physical Attack and +5% Movement Speed.

Blade Of Despair will also deal +25% Physical Damage when attacking enemies below 50% HP.


• Assassin

The most recommended emblems are Assassin then Jungle because Saber is an Assassin hero. The tiers used in the Assassin emblem are:

– Tier 1 Bravery to increase Physical Attack.
– Tier 2 Fatal to increase Crit Chance.
– Tier 3 Killing Spree where killing enemy heroes will restore 12% of maximum HP and increase Movement Speed ​​by 20% for 5 seconds.


• Retribution

The spell used is Retribution because assassin heroes need time and speed in jungling to quickly level up and finished items.

Retribution is what will help speed up jungling, especially if you bought the Raptor Machete item that allows you to use Retribution to attack your opponent. Besides Retribution, you can also use Flicker if you want to play it safe.

Now that’s the build items, emblems and spells of the Saber hero. The build items used put forward damage rather than defense which makes Saber super sick when the item is finished, but it will be dangerous if the enemy catches him because he doesn’t have defense.

In addition, when the item is finished, you can sell Raptor Machete items to buy Blade Of Despair so you have 4 pieces.

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