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How to Name Mobs in Minecraft

Hi, Crafter’s, do you like or like to name your pets at home? Maybe yes and maybe no, because this article I will discuss how to name animals.

Actually not only animals but all mobs such as zombies can be named but dangerous because they can attack when playing survival mode.



• Anvil (Paron)

Anvil or Paron is an item that will be used to edit the name on the Name Tag. In addition, Anvil also has other functions such as repairing equipment and improving it with magic books.

Anvil is made of 4 iron blocks. While iron blocks are obtained by placing 9 iron bars on the manufacturing table.

• Name Tags

This Name Tag is used to name the mobs after editing in Anvil. This item cannot be created but must be searched for. There are several ways to get the Name Tag as follows:

– Find it in the chest

Name Tags can be found in certain chests such as in Stronghold, Mineshaft (42.3%) and Mansion (28.3%). To find a Mansion or forest house that is very large and beautiful is a little difficult because it is located deep in the forest and is usually far from the initial spawn place.

– Fishing

As we know fishing in Minecraft is not only getting fish but also getting items that cannot be made such as Name Tags. A little advice when fishing is at night and when it rains for a bigger chance to get items.

– Swap with villager

Name tags can also be obtained by exchanging with the villager in the village to be precise with the villager in white clothes or the librarian.


After having the materials mentioned above, it’s time to name the mobs you want. Here are the steps for naming mobs in Minecraft PE.

1. Place or place the Anvil first, then press the Anvil until the crafting window appears.

2. Move the Name Tag from inventory to Anvil in the first box, then edit the name as you wish.

3. Move the Name Tag back to your inventory .(In editing the Name Tag you need 1 XP or respawn point when you don’t have it so you can’t move the Name Tag to your inventory even though it’s been edited).

So far, we have successfully edited the Name Tag, which then remains to apply to the mobs you want.

4. Select the mobs you want to name and hold the edited Name Tag, then approach the mobs until the words “Name/Name” appear depending on what language you are using, press the text which will automatically name the mobs.

Okh, that’s how to name mobs in Minecraft PE. Good luck.