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How to Make a Lighter in Minecraft PE

The fire extinguisher (Flint & Steel) is a tool used to create fire in Minecraft that has many functions such as burning flammable blocks, making eternal fire and the most useful is to light the Nether portal.


Lighters are generally used or for a certain period of time, the more often they are used, the faster they run out and we have to re-create them.

So in this post, I will share how to make a lighter in Minecraft because this tool is a useful tool when you want to go to the Nether to turn on the portal.


• Flint

This item can be obtained by destroying gravel blocks that are in many places such as the banks or in rivers and seas, in the ground and in the Nether world.

Destroying gravel blocks with tools that have been enchanted Fortune III will get 100% Flint. Meanwhile, when mining Flint by dropping gravel with a torch base will not produce any Flint.

In addition, Flint can also be obtained by exchanging with Villagers.

• Iron Ingot (Iron Bar)

Iron Ingot is an item produced from iron ore smelted in a furnace. While iron ore is obtained by mining in the ground but sometimes found on the surface of rocks.

In addition to mining to get iron ore, iron bars can also be obtained by exchanging with villagers, natural chests in certain places for example 97.4 – 99.4% iron bars can be found in chests in Shipwreck and buried treasure chests and by killing zombies which will drop 1.8% when using an enchanted tool Looting III.


As usual, after obtaining the required materials, just make it. Where to make a Pemmatik requires a Flint and Iron Ingot which is placed in the box of the making table.

The lighter that has been used can be repaired using the lighter that has been used as well so that it becomes a new lighter

Well, that’s how to make a lighter, isn’t it very easy and a few tips when carrying a lighter, which is to be careful because it can be wrongly touched and burn flammable blocks and spread to other things like valuable buildings, for example.

Okh, that’s how to make a lighter in Minecraft PE.

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