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Build Chongyun DPS Genshin Impact (artifacts, weapons and talents)

Build Chongyun DPS Genshin Impact (artifacts, weapons and talents)

As usual, Carakute will take this opportunity to discuss the Chongyun DPS Genshin Impact Build, both p2w and f2p. With the right selection of weapons, artifacts, and talent upgrades, it will also wreak havoc.

Chongyun is a cryogenic character who uses a Clymore as a weapon. Gun holders like Clymore are suitable as a DPS, but sometimes Chongyun can also be built as a sub DPS or support.

For our discussion, however, we will focus more on or point out the main DPS or the main DPS build this time around. So Chongyun will be the greatest damaging character in our group.

Build Chongyun DPS Genshin Impact

Before we enter the main part, we must first know the skills or talents of Chongyun so that he is not wrong about how to play him. Here are some of Chongyun’s talents and constellations.

1. Elemental ability (Chonghua’s stratified frost)

The elemental skill Chongyun or skill E attacks and forms a cryogenic area, in which every member of the group, whether with sword, claymore or polearm damage, is converted into cryogenic damage when attacking in the cryogenic area.

2. Passive Talent 1 (Constant Breathing)

Passive talent here gives sword, claymore and polearm users additional attack speed by 8%.

3. Passive Talent 2 (Rimechaser Blade)

So when the duration of Chongyun’s elemental skill expires, the elemental skills will be dealt an additional 100% damage.

4th constellation 1

Chongyun is very good when it is Conselation 1 or C1 for short. Because if he’s C1, each last attack of the normal attack brings 3 ice blades forward. each ice blade inflicting 50% cryo damage.

Now that we get to know the function of Chongyun’s ability, let’s go straight to the weapon section, which is very well suited to be paired with it for a huge amount of extra damage.

Chongyun DPS weapon

Build Chongyun DPS Genshin Impact (artifacts, weapons and talents)

Weapons or weapons suitable for Chongyun with the role of DPS game are Wolf gravestone (B5) but if you don’t have such a weapon because it’s pretty hard to come by, you can use other weapons like the prototype Aminus. You can craft this weapon using easy-to-find materials

Other than that, you can also use other weapons listed in the picture so just customize what you have. If you really want something good then you can load up guns and gachaing to get Wolf’s Tombstone (WGS) hehehe.

Chongyun DPS artifact

Build Chongyun DPS Genshin Impact (artifacts, weapons and talents)

The best artifact for Chongyun to play DPS is 4 sets of gladiator finals and 1 piece is free. But for this latest update, Genshin Impact created a special Cryo-Char artifact so you can use the artifact as the 2-set effect increases cryo damage by 15% while the 4-set effect increases the crit rate increased by 20% on enemies affected by Cryo and + 20% more when the enemy freezes.

There are other alternatives if you haven’t got what I said before. You can use Artifact 2 Gladiaor’s finals set and 2, noblesse oblige, and 1 piece of any artifact is free. Preferred values ​​in each artifact are Crit Rate, Crit Damage, ATK%, and Cryo DMG for chalice artifacts.

Chongyun Play DPS Talent Upgrade

Build Chongyun DPS Genshin Impact (artifacts, weapons and talents)

Talent upgrade materials are not readily available and require very large quantities. Therefore, we are looking for the key talents who will be the focus of our upgrade. For the Chongyun character, Demon Ban is the most prioritized talent that needs updating. Please update this talent first. If it’s stuck, you can raise other talents.

Then there is sucrose among the party members who are very suitable or who support Chongyun’s style of play, because the combination is very good. For sucrose artifacts and weapons, you can use 4 Viridescent Sets + Dragon Slayer Book.

How do you do the station wagon? It’s easy, take it out first Elemental Skill Chongyun (Skill E)> Sucrose Vortex> Chongyun Normal ATK. This combo will give a buff, namely the enemy’s elemental RES cryo will be reduced by 40% (10s) and our ATK will be increased by 48% (10s).

Perhaps this is the best Chongyun DPS Genshin Impact Build right now. When an error occurs, we discuss it in order to get the best result among the best.

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