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The spicy build Ningguang DPS Genshin Impact

Build Ningguang DPS Genshin Impact

On this occasion, Carakute will be giving tips on how to build a DPS and make it sharper at the same time. Because building a character cannot be reckless and has to be adapted to the characteristics of the character itself.

But before we get into the main discussion, do you know what DPS is? So DPS stands for Damage Per Second. Easier is the character who does the most damage to the enemy.

Ningguang can be incorporated into Support or DPS, if you don’t have DPS characters like Diluc, Razor, Keqing or others, you can really incorporate Ningguang into DPS to fill your group’s void.

Build Ningguang DPS Genshin Impact

First, we need to know the characters who are the same as or have a synergy with Ningguang. Here you can combine Ningguang with characters like Noelle, Xianling, Bennet and others like in the picture above for a better combination.

Ningguang DPS artifact

Build Ningguang DPS Genshin Impact

In addition, there are two options when choosing the Ningguang artifacts for the DPS role, as can be seen in the picture above, there are Set 1 and Set 2. Each set has its own advantages, so please choose one.

1. Set with 1 Ningguang DPS artifact

In Set 1 we use two artifacts here archaic Petra, two artifacts Gladiator / nobility and an artifact anything free what is important, good status. Preferred values ​​here are Crit Rate, Crit Damage, ATK and Geo DMG Bonus for chalice artifacts.

Which is better between gladiator and nobility? So you are free to use either of the two artifacts. If you like stable damage output, you can use Gladiator. However, if you like the DMG Burst in Starsshatter larger, you can use Noblesse.

2. Set of 2 Ningguang DPS artifacts

If you don’t have the artifacts above, there are four artifacts you can use Backtracking from Bolide. It doesn’t seem like you need to use multiple types of artifacts, here you only need to use 4 retracing bolides and 1 free artifact, but it has to be in good status.

The effect of Retracing Bolide 4 Sets when in a shield receives a DMG bonus to normal / charged ATK of 40%. The game itself focuses more on Normal Attack or Charged Attack.

Please choose one of the above two artifact set options to create Ningguang DPS. This option is, in my opinion, the best at the moment for causing greater damage.

Ningguang DPS weapons

Build Ningguang DPS Genshin Impact

There are several weapons or weapons for Ningguang DPS that you can use. Starting with 4-star weapons, as well as 5-star weapons, so just customize it with the weapons you need to build Ningguang.

From 4-star weapons you can use Solar Pearl, Eye of Perception or The Widsith. Fortunately, 5 star weapons can use Memory of Dust, Lost Prayer, or Skyward Atlas. Highly recommended weapon is Memory of dust.

Ningguang upgrade talent

Build Ningguang DPS Genshin Impact

As we know, talent upgrade materials are very difficult to come by. Hence, it is necessary to pay attention to which talents we need to upgrade first. You can set priorities Star Shatterer collected first, followed by Sparkling scatter dam Jade screen.

Some talents and how to play Ningguang DPS

How can you play Ningguang DPS that is effective and efficient in saving energy? This is very important because if the stamina is exhausted, Ningguang cannot perform a charge attack. For those who don’t know, Charged Attack is when you press the attack button for a few seconds.

1. Elemental explosion (star splinters)

Before that, there must have been some who didn’t know if Jade Screen would provide additional gem projectiles when performing Elemental Burst (Skill Q). To make Ningguang’s Elemental Burst more effective, first remove the Jade Screen (Skill E) and then remove the Elemental Bursts to increase the damage.

2. Passive Talent 1 (backup plan)

For the passive itself, if Ningguang has a Star Jade stack and then performs a charge attack, it won’t eat up your stamina. The style of play is Normal ATK 3x> Charged ATK, Normal ATK 1x> Charged ATK.

3. Passive Talent 2 (Strategic Reserve)

If the character passes or goes through the Jade (Elemental Ability) screen, they will receive an additional one 12% Geo-DMG bonus For 10 seconds.

I think it’s enough for us here to discuss the Ningguang DPS Genshin Impact build that you can try to match your character right away. Hopefully with this the resulting damage will be much greater than before.

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