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Build Keqing DPS Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts, talents

Build Keqing DPS Genshin Impact

As always, Carakute will take this opportunity to talk about the Keqing DPS Genshin Impact Build which is really dispensable because it’s gorgeous, hehehe. Keqing is an electrical element character with considerable damage, so he is very well suited to be used as a main DPS or a sub-DPS.

But this time we’re not going to talk about Sub-DPS, just focus on just discussing Main-DPS. When choosing weapons, artifacts and talent upgrades are very important. Since it greatly affects the output of the resulting damage, we will discuss all of these things.

Build Keqing DPS Genshin Impact

Before we get into the weapons and artifacts section, it would be nice to know that a good character is paired with Keqing to create interesting combos. As in the picture above, Keqing is perfect for a party with Anemo, Pyro or Hydro heroes to evoke elemental reactions.

Elementary reaction is a reaction that is generated by two elements rubbing against each other. For example, when water meets electricity, it will produce Electrically charged which does additional damage.

Keqing DPS Genshin Impact Senjata

Build Keqing DPS Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts, talents

First, when choosing weapons, Keqing DPS needs to be carefully considered in terms of status and sub-status. Aquila Favonia a weapon that is highly recommended for Keqing DPS users, just quite difficult to get as this weapon has 5 stars.

Alternatively, you can use weapons like The flute or
Rancor prototype through tinkering to get it. But if you want to be a little better, you can use guns Black swordIf I’m not mistaken, you can get it by purchasing a Battle Pass.

Keqing DPS Genshin Impact Artifact

Build Keqing DPS Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts, talents

Choosing the artifacts is a very important part of increasing the damage output later on. Well here there are 3 sets or 3 choices that you can combine with Keqing. Please select one of the three sets, please refer to the description below for an explanation.

1. Artifact set 1

Here we are using 4 artifacts Thunder hawk and 1 piece of any artifact is free. If you pair 4 Thundersoother artifacts, you get an additional buff, namely increasing 35% DMG

against enemies affected by Elektro and if you only combine 2 pieces you will get Electric dissolution an additional 40%.

For those who are not familiar with the artifact installation system: if you pair 2 artifacts of the same type, you will get an additional buff, this one is called “2 set“. And when you combine 4 pieces of the same artifact, it also gets a buff called”Set of 4If you install 4 pieces, you will get both buffs.

2. Artifact set 2

Then the next choice is the second sentence that is used 2 Thunderyng Furries, 2 Gladiator’s finals and 1 free fruit. Two Thunderyng Fury give an additional electrical DMG buff of 15%. While the Gladiator’s Finale offers an additional 18% ATK buff

3. Artifact set 3

The final choice of artifacts for keqing is to use 4 sets of Thunderung Furry, the buff obtained from these 4 artifact sets is electrical damage bonus + 15% and increases 40% DMG caused by overcharge, electrical charge and superconductivity. So it really is for those who play elemental reaction.

Build Keqing DPS Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts, talents

The photo above is an example of use Artifact 4 sets of pacifiers I even use the same type for the other artifact slot. For your information, the artifact slot has 5 slots, when I installed 4 sets, there was still 1 empty slot, this empty slot is free to use anything

Do not forget the status of the artifact itself, the prioritized status are Crit. Rate, Crit. DMG, ATK% and Elektro-DMG bonus for chalice artifacts (the glass ones). If there is a suitable artifact but plays HP status, just throw it away or use it as upgrade material.

Keqing DPS Genshin Impact Talent Upgrade

Build Keqing DPS Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts, talents

You don’t need to upgrade all the talents because it is quite difficult because the materials you need are not easy to get. The primary talent that needs to be upgraded first is Yunlai sword art, well, when you have Max, you can improve other talents.

Perhaps our discussion on the Keqing DPS Genshin Impact Build is sufficient for now, it should be emphasized when selecting the artifacts not to use those with Main Status HP. Besides Keqing, you can also try the Chongyun DPS build.

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