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7 Best Mage Season 22 Mobile Legends 2021

Hello everyone, welcome back to our favorite site, GMLBB. After previously discussing about Marksman, this time GMLBB will discuss the 7 best and sickest Mages in Season 15.

Along with the changing of this season, it seems that Moonton wants to bring a new atmosphere in this MOBA game. Changes that occur starting from jungle, Map, Buff and Nerf as well as the presence of new heroes are enough to make players enthusiastic. One of the roles that determine the course of the match is the mage, because this role produces the team’s mainstay burst damage. Of course, this season will be a little different from the previous season, because there are several hero mages who have changed and seem to be meta in season 15.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the 7 Best and Sickest Mage Season 15. Ok, without further ado, let’s go straight to the 7 best and sickest mage season 15 below:


In the 7th place, it turns out that in the meta now, this Eudora user has returned, although not as many as other mage heroes. This hero is being used again because it has terrible damage, the damage is even greater after Moonton as the developer does a massive buff against this old hero. Eudora is a mage hero who has the highest damage burs among other mages, that way you can use Eudora as a killing machine in the late game phase.

Actually, even without ultimate skill, Eudoa is very helpful for war. By issuing skill 1 only to repay the enemy’s blood, skill 1 from Eudora is an area and has high enough damage. Thus Eudora can be the biggest distraction when war is late in the game. All of Eudora’s skills are not complicated, unlike other mages who have a high level of difficulty. Other hero mages tend to have skills that are easy to miss, while Eudora’s skills are designed to really be easy for users to use.

In the last pach Eudora did get a massive Buff by Moonton, with this buff the damage from Eudora is very high, you can feel it yourself now or you can ask Eudora’s users. If the problem is caught, any mage can be caught because this role hero is the main target of the assassin. The point is to play with caution if you use this one mage, or other mages and marksman, you can use flicker or spell sprint.


In 6th place there is Kagura who also gets a change from his skills with the distance of his umbrella and himself getting further away. With this, it will be easier for Kaguran to escape from the enemy with this increasing distance. Kagura himself is a hero with a role mage designed with skills similar to assassins. Why do I say like an assassin? because Kagura has painful damage and its movements are agile even though it is elegant.

Kagura has a very high damage skill and makes it a nightmare for opponents, especially those with a fairly small distance. In lining kagura, it’s better to focus on repaying the opponent’s hero, so that the opponent is left behind in exp. In addition to paying off the opponent’s blood, Kagura can also focus on getting items to increase his damage. If there are enough opponents in the line, it is better for Kagura to clear minions to guard the tower and avoid ganks first.

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Pharsa is a mage in the form of a female magician with skills that are powerful enough to disperse hordes of enemies. Skill 1 from Pharsa will fire a magic explosion towards the target, with more damage than marksman shots. The second skill will also fire magic at the target with damage and slow effects. The ultimate will be to make a rain of magic explosions with a fairly large circular area, this skill will disperse hordes of enemies instantly for fear of damage from it.

He will be a really riotous hero in season 15, because of the buff given by moonton. The mobile legends gave an explanation why Pharsa had to be given a revamp. One of them is wanting to give Pharsa CC abilities. In addition, Pharsa’s ultimate attack distance will also be increased and optimize the mechanism of the ultimate skill.


Armed with a series of painful attack skills, Lylia can be one of the most productive favorite heroes. As a new hero, his potential is quite big enough to awaken Meta mage. The most terrible ability of Lylia is her Ulti skill, Black Shoes, which can be used in several game conditions such as defending and attacking. In a defensive condition, Lylia can regain her lost HP in a duration of 4 seconds ago, in another condition Lylia in attacking can maximize the number of Angry Gloom stacks to launch a follow-up attack.

Lylia has the attack ability of shockwave and angry gloom magic skills. Between the two angry gloom being the main attack skill that is often used, this angry gloom skill can be used in two ways, both of which will cause consecutive attacks in the specified area. Automatically the new angry gloom that has been thrown will explode. With these two ways Lylia can do attacks with very high intensity. to be able to produce a very large level of damage.

One of the superior points of Lylia which is quite deadly is the speed of movement. There are two abilities that can increase movement speed, namely passive shadow energy and black shoes. This additional movement speed will greatly affect Lylia’s playing style. With a high movement speed, he can attack enemies in a safe area, and will be very difficult to predict.

3. Harith

In 3rd place there is still Harith who will still be a meta in Season 15 even though he has just been hit by Nerf. Harith is a hero who is agile and agile like a cat. Thanks to the second skill Harit can dash many times in the specified direction. The second skill can be a deadly skill for the enemy, because if you use skill 2, your next basic attack will get a certain amount of damage buff.

Have you ever experienced the difficulty of chasing a cat? Well, that’s more or less like that if you want to pick up this little mage hero. Not only agile and agile, he also has a special ability that makes him more immune to CC effects.


Chang’e’s revamp effect has turned him into a super mage who immediately becomes a favorite or even avoided during the hero ban pick phase. Balanced with the ability to maintain striking distance and great damage, Chang’e is one of the deadliest mages in mobile legends now.

In the early game, it’s a good idea to buy jungle items for Chang’e to help raise the level first, at least so that Chang’ gets his ultimate first. Once you have enough you can sell the item and replace it with another suitable item. The two ultimate items you can buy for Chang’e are Holy Crystals and Blood Wings. Additional magic power and HP in the late game will certainly be needed to balance against the enemy.

The same combo that is activating the 2nd skill before using the ultimate will give additional damage to the enemy. In addition, the Ultimate range is far enough that you can use it to keep your distance so as not to be picked up by enemy assassins.


In the first place, who else if not Esmeralda will be the Over Power hero in season 15. Although still often in the tire. Using her power makes Esmeralda able to give Physical and magical damage simultaneously. Enemies who are hit by basic attack damage and skills will get Sheild, but the shield does not make her immune to Esmeralda, because every hit directly directs the enemy’s HP.


So that’s the explanation of the 7 Best and Sickest Mage Season 15. Is there your favorite mage? Please write in the comments your opinion.

Thank you for visiting GMLBB, don’t forget to leave a comment and wait for the next article.

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