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Top 6 Best Marksman Season 22 Mobile Legends 2021

Hello Land of Down warriors. See you again at GMLBB, as usual we will discuss about the Mobile Legends game. Our discussion this time is about the hero with the most interested role, from the warrior tier to the mythic, there must be a lot of favorites for this hero role. Marksman, is a type of assassin hero, usually equipped with a sick attack speed and damage that allows easy killing in late game or mid game. That’s why this Marksman-type hero has a lot of fans.

Our discussion this time is the 6 best marksman season 15 mobile legends bang-bang 2021.

As we already know, before changing the season to season 15, Moonton has made massive changes to this moba game. Starting from the appearance of all components, the release of new heroes, map changes, creps, minions and also the most special thing is the red buff and blue buff. With this change, it seems that it will be a big advantage for some marksman heroes to show their fangs in season 15. Especially heroes with true damage abilities who will get additional true damage from the latest mobile legends buff effect.

Ok, without further ado, let’s go straight to the core discussion of the TOP 6 BEST MARKSMAN SEASON 15 MOBILE LEGENDS BANG-BANG 2021

6. Lesley

In sixth place is Lesley. If you like playing with sniper characters in games, you will definitely like Lesley’s hero in Mobile Legends. This hero has abilities that are very useful for marksman ranging from escape skills and also master of camouflage skills and 2 tactical ganade skills, to killing skills with ultimate snipe.

These skills make Lesley difficult to target, able to set up ganks easily and of course kill targets quickly. Lesley is easy to escape and also enter into battle, the Master of Camouplage skill has a very short cooldown. This of course makes it easier for you to scout or gank. If you feel stuck, you can use a tactical grenade or skill 2 to jump back and immediately disappear with the other skill.

The right item makes Lesley have very high damage, her passive skill, namely lethal shoot, gives additional critical every time you buy a physical penetration item. This can be stacked and of course makes critical Lesley very dangerous. And his special ability is that after locking Lesley’s ultimate will not miss. So this skill is very easy to use.

5. Bruno

In 5th place is Bruno. This hero who has a kick ball weapon is one of the player’s favorite heroes to win the match. Bruno began to be used, and the damage generated by his skills was enough to make the enemy confused. Not infrequently Bruno’s skill, which is a ball kick, becomes a mukil event for its users.

Like most other Mobile Legends heroes, Bruno is armed with 4 skills, namely 1 passive skill and 3 active skills as provisions for fighting. Passive skill that can increase Critical chance, by 4% to increase damage. Volley shot is the name of skill 1, with only one skill Bruno is quite dangerous for the enemy, especially for fellow marksman types. As well as the Ultimate skill that is most feared by his opponents, this skill will reflect the ball he kicked to opponents around him for several reflections.

By using a combination of Bruno’s skills, it is possible for maniacs to savage to occur.

4. Kimmy

In 4th place is Kimmy, who is also a hybrid hero between marksman and mage. His ability is also one of the most unique in Mobie Legends. Because he can shoot while moving, thanks to the two-analog mechanism. Kimmy’s main attraction is her ability to shoot while moving as a marksman hero. Usually when shooting Marksman will stop first to shoot, but Kimmy has the same ability as Irithel. More specifically, Kimmy can direct it at will, due to the absence of lock mode.

This ability makes him superior when chasing enemies, even when he is about to run away. When chasing an enemy you will still be able to shoot until you finish him without any pause. Likewise when escaping, while running away you can also shoot enemies.

Maybe you feel that Kimmy’s basic attack is lacking, fortunately Kimmy has skill 1 to make Burs damage that covers her weakness. The damage from the other skill is very large, especially when compared to the basic damage. Especially for the size of the attack skill that comes out very quickly like attack speed on other heroes’ basic attacks.

Don’t forget that you can synergize this devastating Brust Damage with the spell vamp effect of items such as concentrated energy or bloodlust axes. Thanks to the large and fast damage, your blood will fill up quickly when using skill 1.

3. Granger

In third is Granger. You need to know that according to Granger’s passive skill, he will only get 50% of the item’s attack speed. In exchange for the loss of the attack speed effect, he is blessed with a critical guarantee at the end of the skill 1 attack and his ultimate and two basic attacks after using skill 2. That doesn’t include calculating the critical effect of the item.

2. Karrie

It’s no longer a secret that Karrie is the best Tank destroyer hero in Mobile Legends because she has a passive skill that can inflict massive true damage, and it’s also really painful especially if she already got the item demon hunter sword and golden staff, Karrie can activate passive skills continuously.

After the latest update with the presence of a red buff that produces additional true damage, this is the biggest gift for Karrie who already has passive skills in the form of true damage and attack speed. Bnot to mention if you have added items that can produce other true damage then you could say this is the best season throughout the mobile legends season.

Karrie also has high attack speed and mobility for a marksman, which allows her to attack enemies calmly without fear of being kidnapped by enemies. With the right items and combined with attack speed and true damage, Karrie will very easily melt enemies very quickly

1. Wanwan

In the first place there is a new hero, Wanwan. Just like Baxia and Ling moonton giving special abilities to Wanwan as a marksman, he has agility that heroes in his class don’t have. However, there are big consequences that the user must experience later from his abilities, as mentioned earlier, Wanwan has a special ability that makes her a very agile marksman.

This ability comes from a passive skill called tiger pace, this ability makes him jump after Wanwan attacks with a basic attack, this jumping ability scales with attack speed, meaning the higher the attack speed, the faster the jump will be. It should be noted that the ultimate skill cannot be used at will, you must first hit the 4 vital points of the opponent’s hero, before you can activate the ultimate skill.

So that’s the explanation of TOP 6 BEST MARKSMAN SEASON 15 MOBILE LEGENDS BANG-BANG 2021. If you have a different opinion, please write your opinion in the comments column. Good luck trying to push rank with the 6 markman op earlier.

Thank you for visiting, don’t forget to check our other articles. And also wait for our next article, of course it’s still about mobile legends.

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