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7 Strongest Tank Heroes Season 22 Mobile Legends

On this occasion, G-MLBB will discuss the 7 strongest tank heroes in season 14. Hero selection is the most important thing when we play Mobile Legends to determine victory. But there are still people who don’t know the importance of tank heroes, and there are still people who look down on tank users.

There are several tank heroes that are in the spotlight in season 14. For more details, please see the explanation below.

7. Gatotkaca

Ok, let’s start the list of the strongest tank heroes this season with a hero from Indonesia, namely Gatotkaca. Indonesia has two heroes in Mobile Legend that we know, namely Kadita (or we call Nyi Roro Kidul) and Gatotkaca from Indonesian wayang stories. Then why did Gatotkaca become one of the 7 list of the strongest Tank heroes in Season 14?

Ghatotkacha can now do better staff with Skill two and the control effect is better after the other skill, Gives an additional slow effect in the area. Not to mention the use of camera effects when using skill 3, allowing you to see enemies from a greater distance.

Unfortunately, indiscriminate use by players made Gatotkaca have to go down to 7th position.

6. Akai

Who doesn’t know this panda? Akai the Panda warrior is still a favorite and you are the pro player for Push Ranked or still often used in tournaments. Had experienced a massive rework, did not make Akai fall into the abyss of destruction. One of the heroes that irritates the enemy is Akai, Akai’s ultimate skill can make enemies bounce.

The ingenuity of the user in controlling Akai makes this hero powerful to defeat opponents. The combination of Skill 2, skill 1 and basic attack plus the petrify and Ultimate spells makes the opponent’s hero’s blood thin. Ultimate akai combined with a roaming Shadow mask item makes this hero a “Ninja” with a sudden attack. If this is the case, it could be the decisive victory. As long as you can become a pilot according to your function, don’t be like a kid.

5. Johnson

Next, the strongest tank hero is Johnson. Johnson is shaped like a robocop with a larger body. This hero seems to be quite a favorite among tank users, because of its ability to become a car like a Transformer.

With his Transformer skill, Johnson can certainly overwhelm the enemy, especially if he is boarded by a friend hero. After hitting the opponent he and the team can gang up on the opponent until KO.

4. Grock

The next hero is a hero who is often banned in the mythic tier. For those of you who are not mystical, you know that this hero is often banned. Everywhere where the walls must be hard, these are rock-hard grock tanks that are very chaotic and full of bars.

Grock is fourth on this list and in the top tier of legend to mythic, Grock can be a terrible hero. Because this Grock user usually plays very violently, to play Grock one must know his skills and passive skills.

Grock’s passive skill is that if you walk close to the wall, your movement speed will increase, the other skill if you hold it will give you additional damage and immunity for yourself.

3. Hylos

The next hero comes from a hero who is often used in tournaments, namely Hylos. Hylos is a very strong centaur, because of the ability to withstand attacks from five enemies at once, and has a fairly high damage. Since becoming a Season 13 prize this hero has become a lot of use.

As a tanker, Hylos has the ultimate skill that can make him move quickly as well as troublesome enemies to block his path. Hylos is a type of hero who can last a long time when in the lane to face quite a lot of enemy minions.

2. Baxia

Next is a new hero with the Tank role, he is Baxia (Bixi). Bixi is a typical Tank hero, even though this tank is not as thick as the Minotaur or Gatotkaca.

However, his passive and skills can be combined so that he can become a terrible damage dealer as well as an initiator in team battles with the cc effect he has. Thanks to his passive skill and ultimate skill, which is almost the same as Johnson’s ultimate skill, Bixi can tear apart enemy defenses.


The strongest tank at no. 1 is Khufra. This hero is very OP, Khufra is almost invincible when beaten by the opponent’s hero. The Bounce ball skill can be used to weigh down the opponent or escape to a safe place.

The second skill that Khufra has is very effective at slowing down the opponent. The damage is quite painful and the Slow effect of 80% will greatly disturb the enemy team.

The 7 heroes are very OP and just right for you to use them to hang out with friends. If there are additional tanks please write in the comments column. Thank you for stopping by at G-MLBB.

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