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5 Strongest & Annoying Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends

Tank is a role that has a very thick HP and is able to withstand enemy damage. This role is used as a protector on the front line. However, the tank hero has a drawback, namely the damage is small, so players are often reluctant to use it because of these shortcomings.

The presence of tanks in the team has a very vital role and is able to become the key to the success of the game. Well, this time Gamelmit has summarized the 5 strongest and also annoying tank heroes in this season which are often used and banned.

• Johnson

Johnson is the first tank hero who is often banned because of his ultimate skill ability that can crash and cause a stun effect. Johnson is often combined with other heroes so that when he hits an enemy he can die instantly.

This ability makes the players who are hit become furious and makes him a subscriber to the ban. Johnson also has a shield that will activate when his HP is below 30%, making it difficult to die.

• Minotaur

Tanks that are often called cows, bulls and even rhinos by players are tanks that have thick and hard blood. It has two different types of skills, namely ordinary and rage. Minotaur is considered a tank that is difficult to use because it must have the right timing.

However, if you can find the right timing when using the rage skill, it can make the Minotaur very annoying when he uses his ultimate rage skill because it can knock enemies in the area down and don’t move up to three times.

In addition, the Minotaur can also act as a support because he can restore a teammate’s cellphone using his second skill.

• Grock

Grock is a very strong tank and is difficult to kill if it is near a wall or turret thanks to his passive skill. He can also block enemies when war uses his second skill that creates a wall to block the enemy.

This skill is also often used by its players in combination with using its ultimate skill that causes a knock up. This is what makes Grock’s hero annoying because besides being difficult to kill thanks to his passive skill, it can also block the way.

• Akai

The panda with a round stomach is the next annoying and strong tank. He can divide enemies that have been neatly arranged during war just by using his ultimate skill that rotates like gangsing.

When using his ultimate skill, Akai will be immune from all CC attacks and cause a knock back effect on the hero who hits him. A hero who is locked by Akai when using his ultimate can’t move at all so it’s easily killed by the hero who supports him.

This is what makes Akai annoying and sometimes becomes a tank that gets banned.

• Franco

Franco is a tank hero who sucks, not only because of his ultimate skill, but also because of his ability to attract enemies.

If the first and ultimate skills are used correctly, they can kill enemies easily, especially if you pull them into the tower, you can imagine the fate of the drawn hero.

In addition, as a tank franco, he is equipped with a 1% HP regen ability per second if he is outside of combat.

Well, those are the 5 strongest and annoying tank heroes that are often picked this season, actually all tank heroes are annoying because they are equipped with their own special abilities.

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