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7 Painful & Annoying Hero Assassins in Mobile Legends

Assassin is a role that has great and painful damage and is equipped with high mobility, but behind these advantages a hero with an assassin role has a thin cellphone so that he can easily die if he is careless.

The assassin role is also a hero who is not easy to use by beginners and must be smart in farming in order to increase the level faster than other heroes in order to easily kill enemies.

Well, this time, Gamelmit has summarized 7 sick and annoying role assassin heroes that are often used in the current season.

• Fanny

Fanny is an assassin hero with the highest mobility who until this season is still very sick. She is a very difficult hero to use and kill because of the ability to use cables from her second skill which sucks so she can fly quickly when attacking or running away.

Fanny will produce additional damage when she attacks by flying and can quickly kill several heroes at once. Even though Fanny has agility, she is also vulnerable with heroes that can lock or CC effects.

• Selena

Selena becomes the second assassin hero who is very sick because the damage it produces can kill enemies very easily even in the early game.

She has 2 forms and that means Selena has 2 different types of skills. In skills one or two normally Selena which is often combined, can cause slow and stun effects for up to 0.5-3 seconds. This skill is usually the most hated by the affected player because if it has been hit by the stun it is usually easily killed by selena using her abyssal form skill.

Using Selena is also very difficult because it requires the right timing when using skill 2 which can cause stun. No wonder Selena is sometimes banned because of her abilities.

• Natalia

It can be said that Natalia is the most annoying assassin besides having sick damage, she has the ability of her passive skill that can disappear and suddenly can attack or attack the enemy.

When eliminating Natalia will increase her movement speed so that she can move quickly without being seen by the map. Not only that, Natalia also has immunity that is immune from attacks when she uses her second skill.

• Helcurt

Helcurt is the next sickest assassin hero whose abilities are still being taken into account until this season. He has a very annoying ultimate skill that is able to wipe out the entire battle area and limit the range of fields for all players.

When Helcurt uses his Ultimate skill, he will have an additional 10% attack speed and 65% movement speed which makes it very easy to kill the confused enemy. To avoid this ability, usually Helcurt is often banned.

• Gusion

Gusion is an assassin with the type of magical damage with each skill that can be used twice. With magical damage from the second skill that contributes the greatest damage, Gusion becomes a hero who can quickly kill enemies.

In addition, the only skill that can mark the opponent and chase him as well as his ultimate skill that can be used to shoot in the specified direction twice makes Gusion a hero who has high mobility and is the sickest hero that is widely used even though it takes time to use it due to the level of difficulty.

• Hayabusa

Having been nerfed and buffed several times has made this hero not lose his prestige because until the current season Hayabusa is still the sickest and annoying hero. Relying on shadows that can be used to move very quickly makes Hayabusa’s movements difficult to predict.

In addition, his ultimate skill also makes Hayabusa unable to be killed because he cannot be seen when attacking, all that is seen is a shadow that moves quickly and is also deadly.

• Lancelot

Even though he’s been nerfed many times, Lancelot is still painful and can kill enemies quickly. Thanks to his skills, Lancelot has also become an assassin who has high mobility whether it’s to chase enemies or run away from battle situations. Not to mention with high damage and ability. his passive skill that can eliminate enemy armor makes Lancelot a lot of picks this season.

Well, those are the 7 sickest and annoying assassin heroes that are still often used this season.

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