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5 Strongest & Annoying Hero Fighters in Mobile Legends

It had dimmed in several seasons, now the role fighter is showing its prestige again with the presence of several new fighter heroes and reworks that make the role fighter an important thing during war.

The ability and damage produced by the fighter is able to make or tear apart the opponent’s line of defense, because of that the fighter role is now widely taken into account and sometimes makes it a subscription ban because it is too OP.

Well, on this occasion Gamelmit has summarized the 5 strongest and annoying heroes and is often used in season 11.

• Leomord

Leomord is a hero that is still relatively new, but it can immediately captivate and become a favorite of players to use.

Maybe skills one and two look ordinary and nothing special. However, when Leomord summons his horse and rides it for a few seconds, Leomord’s strength and speed will appear to increase and hurt because of the damage it produces. In addition, Leomord can be used to attack by moving while riding. horse and hard to kill.

• Aldous

The high mobility of his ultimate skill that can kill lone enemies quickly and the sick damage that Aldous produces during the late game makes this hero a subscriber to tires.

The damage that Aldous produces as the stack of the other skill increases, the more damage it produces, it can even kill the enemy in one hit. This is what makes players afraid if they meet Aldous.

• Chou

You could say Chou is an annoying fighter, doesn’t use mana or energy but is equipped with qualified skills and will make it difficult for the enemy.

The only skill that can be used up to 3x and at the time the three skills can cause knock ups. Not only that, Chou will also be very annoying when he uses his ultimate skill that can kick far and repeatedly to cause knock ups.

So, it’s no wonder Chou is often picked up and used as a tank.

• Alpha

It was unthinkable now that Alpha is a hero that is often used and can be taken into account if you want to fight it 1 vs 1. Alpha’s ability to disable enemies when using his ultimate makes Alpha easily do free hits.

In addition, having great strength Alpha can also be difficult to kill because it has its lifesteal ability when using its second skill.

• Sun

The last hero who sucks and is often picked is Sun. He can be said to be a very strong hero if used for 1 vs 1. The ability to summon reinforcements or clones from skill one and his ultimate skill can confuse which enemies are real or fake if you don’t use them. lock mode.

In addition, any damage produced by his clones can increase Sun’s HP quickly so that he doesn’t die easily.

Okh, those are the 5 strongest and annoying heroes that are often picked this season according to gamelmit which do you think?

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