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4 Common Mistakes of Mobile Legends Players That Are Often Done

In playing games, whether on PC, mobile, or console, of course, as humans, we can make mistakes. This error is what makes the gameplay of the game not go according to plan. In MOBA mobile games like Mobile Legends, we can also make mistakes. Here are some common mistakes that are often made by players in Mobile Legends.

1. Advance alone when the enemy is not visible on the map / Missing
When the enemy is not visible on the map, sometimes they hide in the bushes or grass to wait for an opportunity to attack. Sometimes they also hide in groups so that when someone advances alone, they immediately attack simultaneously so that the hero who advances alone is killed instantly.

2. Attack the Lord / Turtle alone or when the opponent’s hero is still alive
Lord or Turtle are very useful for the team because when we defeat them, turtles add experience and gold while Lord helps attack opponents on certain lines. However, if you attack the turtle or lord alone or when there are still many living enemies, then the enemy can attack us and it could even be those who get the turtle or lord kill.

3. Farming or Jungling when the tower is attacked by an opponent or the team needs help
Indeed, farming or jungling is needed to increase the level and add gold so that equipment and hero status increase faster, but if it is done when the tower is being attacked by an opponent, of course it is not the right time. It’s better to defend the tower first and then continue farming. The same is true when there are enemies who are attacked by several opposing heroes and need help, it is better to help the team first and then continue farming.

4. AFK (Away From Keyboard) or exit the game
Sometimes connection problems or other problems cause players to leave the game or AFK. For this reason, before playing, it is better to check the conditions and conditions first, both from the environment and the smartphone used so as not to leave the game later, especially if you play in ranked games because if you lose it will harm other players as well where their stars decrease and the percentage of defeats increases.

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