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Suikoden 2 Review and Indonesian Nostalgia

Suikoden 2 is one of the most successful RPG games of its time, namely in the 2000s. This game has a good story with interesting gameplay. This game teaches the meaning of friendship, vigilance, strategy, and many other things.

The game starts at the Highland warrior camp at Tenzan Pass at night. This squad is led by Captain Rowd and Hero and Jowy are part of the squad. In the middle of the night their camp was suddenly attacked and all the soldiers ran out of the camp into the forest which was the only way out of the place. Hero and Jowy headed to the same forest, but before entering the forest, Jowy felt something strange because the forest was the only way out and the enemy should have known about it and had set a trap there. For that, they returned to Captain Rowd to report. When they arrived at the camp, it turned out that Captain Rowd was talking to Prince Luca and the attack was just their setting. While listening to the conversation, Hero and Jowy were caught and they fled to the cliff. Captain Rowd and his squad chase them there. Hero and Jowy who are at their wits end decide to jump and they promise to return to that place if they are still alive.

That’s the initial story of the opening of Suikoden 2 which is filled with war and Captain Rowd’s betrayal. In this game as a Hero (main character), we are assigned to collect 108 characters to defeat the Highland Army. In the middle of the game, the Hero will meet Nanami, the Hero’s classmate. Later, Hero, Jowy, and Nanami will fight together to collect these 108 warriors. However, in the middle of the game Jowy was caught by the enemy and eventually joined the Highland Army. Jowy who was originally Hero’s closest friend turned into a pretty tough opponent. Nanami was finally killed by Gorudo at Rockaxe Castle.

This game can actually be completed without collecting 108 characters because there are optional characters that are not required to be recruited. However, when 108 characters are collected, a Leknaat will appear which enhances the Hero’s Bright Shield Rune ability.

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