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Guide Build Gear Lancelot Savage Deadly in Mobile Legends

Lancelot is one of the heroes who is often banned in the Mobile Legends ranked game. This is due to its ease of use and high immunity. When Lancelot is using his skills, not a single attack can hit him, both basic attacks and skills, not even ultimate skills. Even though Lancelot has high immunity, be careful of sudden attacks from the opponent. Usually the opponent waits for Lancelot to run out of new skills to attack him so there is no more immunity. For that, after launching a skill against the opponent, it is better to immediately retreat and wait for Lancelot’s skill to finish delay then continue to attack. Use battle spell flickr and assassin emblem for Lancelot.


Early Game(Level 1-8)

In the early game, choose skill 2 (Thorned Rose) first and buy a hunt item, then take the buff on the top or bottom line if no one needs it. Immediately to the mid lane to kill the opponent’s creep. If teammates above or below need help, immediately help and then continue hunting in the forest again. After reaching level 4, take Lancelot’s ultimate skill. If there is a chance, use it as a solo turtle to get additional exp and gold. Ask for backup from the team to kill turtles faster. Take Lancelot’s ultimate skill level 2 if Lancelot has reached level 8.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
In the mid game, Lancelot’s damage is quite painful, but be careful especially against enemy heroes who have the ability to stun because even though they have immunity when using skills, Lancelot’s skills still have a delay. If suddenly attacked, use flickr or the first skill to escape. If flickr and the first skill are delayed, use the ultimate skill. These three skills can also be used to chase the opponent if the opponent’s blood is low and runs away.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)

In the late game, be careful in using skills and try not to be alone because Lancelot may die immediately if suddenly attacked in a group by the opposing team. Focus on war and push the opponent’s tower in this late game. If 2 or 3 heroes from the opposing team die, go to Lord and defeat him. Buy attack potions if you have extra money. If at the beginning of the game you buy a hunt item, sell the item and replace it with an attack item such as Blade of Despair.

Guide Build Gear Lancelot

Magic Shoes

Useful for reducing skill delay and increasing Lancelot’s movement speed. This item is very useful considering that Lancelot is an assassin who relies on skills, so with the reduction of the cooldown skill, Lancelot can quickly use his skills again.

Bloodlust Ax

In addition to adding 70 physical attacks, this ax also reduces the cooldown by 10% and has a lifesteal effect of 20% skill or spell vamp, making Lancelot hard to beat.

Endless Battle

Endless Battle is one of the most useful items for Lancelot because it adds a lot of statuses such as physical attacks, mana regen, reduced skill cooldown time, increased movement speed, and lifesteal. Lifesteal from Endless Battle is Lifesteal from basic attacks, different from Bloodlust Ax whose lifesteal is from skills. With this item, the reduction in Lancelot’s skill cooldown time becomes 30%.

Rose Gold Meteor

Increases physical attack and magic defense. Not only that, Rose Gold Meteor also provides shields for users when HP is below 30% and extra lifesteal 5%. Thus, after this item is finished, Lancelot’s lifesteal from skill is 20% and from basic attack is also 20%.

Blade of The Seven Seas

Serves to reduce the opponent’s armor when using skills, so the damage from Lancelot’s skills will hurt even more.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair which is Lancelot’s last item serves to increase basic damage up to 170 points and will increase if the enemy is in an abnormal state such as stun or slow.

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