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26 Unique and Cool Seed Villages in Minecraft PE

Hi, crafter’s post this time is a little different from the usual post, gamelmit does not provide tutorials, tips or methods but will share unique and cool seed villages to visit and even build buildings there.

Here are the 26 seed villages in Minecraft PE but after the villager and pilager update the 26 seeds you can only use up to v1.10.

1. Wizzz000

A village among a rare grass and mushroom biome divided by a river

2. marabell

Village on a small island and in the middle of the ocean

3. twins

The village between the jungle and the desert divided by the abyss

4. mamaMOOSE

A big village

5. ACE

The village that floats on the water

6. super pig

Village between cliffs and plains

7. copy

Villages on rivers and plains or grass

8. legend of luuc

Village in the desert close to the mesa or terracotta biome

9. sylph

A village that is rich in natural resources when mining in the village

10. johny applesed

A village between desert and grass divided by a river

11. 26248

A village located on an island and in the middle of the sea

12. 1404809164

Village between grass and snow

13. 1410403532

Village between grass and snow biome and near ice crabe

14. 1408162313

Small village by the sea

15. 50975

Small village on the edge of the cliff

16. -396676922

Very big village


Big village and also close to pumpkin

18. 67

A small village on a wide plain

19. camero

A large village located in the mesa biome, desert and grass

20. bachilleres

A small flat village by the river

21. vvvvvvv

Village by the cliff and river

22. Que hay

A huge village divided by a deep chasm

23. robot

Village with Stronghold and Portal End under it

24. 1426064692

A big village among ice, cliffs and plains

25. 1427837471

A village on an island surrounded by a river

26. -1547993543

5 villages close to each other

Notes: Not all seeds spawn directly in the village, there are some that are a little far away. And in writing the seeds must also match the size of the letters.

Well, those are some seeds in Minecraft PE, for other seeds that are not listed above you can wait for the next part.

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