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How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft PE Creative and Survival

As we know Minecraft has two portals that can be made to connect to other worlds, namely the nether and the end. Previously, Gamelmit had discussed how to create a nether portal in Minecraft PE. It would be incomplete if we didn’t discuss both.

End Portal

So on this occasion Gamelmit will discuss how to create the end portal. What is an end portal?

End portal is a portal that was built to be used to go to the end world. Which is where the ender dragon is, and becomes the end of the Minecraft game after you defeat the ender dragon.

Actually it’s not the end either, because after the credits end or skip you can still continue the game and can still return to the end world. Even resurrect the defeated ender dragon.

Well, according to the title above, this time Gamelmit will discuss how to create an end portal in creative and survival.

Because there is a slight difference between making an end portal in creative and survival, namely to make an end portal in survival you don’t actually make it, but look for the end portal frame that has been provided and you just have to place the eye of the ender.

Why so? Because until this post was made, survival still can’t make a box where to put the eye of ender or end portal. Here’s a direct discussion of how to make an end portal in creative and survival.

How to Make an End Portal in Creative

1. Prepare 12 end portals and 12 eye of ender.

2. Place the end portal with the size as shown below where you want to make it. Make sure to place it from the center so that the end portal is pointing inward.

3. Place the eye of ender on all end portals. If you correctly place the end portal in step number 2, the white dot that is on the eye of ender will also point inward and it will activate the end portal.

How to Find and Activate End Portals in Survival

Because you can’t really create an end portal in survival, but you only need to place the eye of ender on the frame end portal that has been provided to activate the end portal. Therefore, you have to find the place for the end portal. Where can you find it in stronghold.

The way to find a stronghold in Minecraft without a cheat is to use an eye of ender that is thrown into the air.

Then, follow it until the eye of ender that you throw repeatedly falls in the same place, meaning that’s where the stronghold or frame end portal is. And you have to dig down to find it.

Be careful when you go to the end portal and want to place the eye of ender because the place is guarded by silverfish mobs that attack immediately and in the middle of the end portal there is also lava.

For those of you who don’t know how to get the eye of ender in survival, you can get it by combining ender pearl and blaze powder on the crafting table. You can get the ender pearl itself from beating endermen mobs, trading with villager, or bartering with piglin. Meanwhile, blaze powder from crafting blaze road on crafting table.

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