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How to Make TNT in Minecraft PE

Bombs don’t only exist in the real world in the Minecraft game where in fact they make blocks there are also TNT or often called bombs. TNT is an explosive block that can destroy all blocks except Obsidian and Bedrock.


There are so many uses for TNT itself. It depends on the negative and positive aspects of using it. And in this article I will discuss how to make TNT in Minecraft PE. Here are the steps to make TNT.


• Gunpowder (Gunpowder)

Gunpowder is an item that can’t be crafted but you have to look for it or get it. The common way to get Gunpowder is by killing Crepper mobs which will explode if near the player. This method will 66% get 1-2 Gunpowder.

In addition to killing the Crepper, there is another way if you are afraid that the Crepper will explode, namely by looking for it in a chest in a certain place (Desert Temple Chests and Strongholds get 58-59% of Gunpowder 1-8) and killing Witch and Ghast who will drop Gunpowder.

• Sand

Sand can generally be found in watery biomes (Rivers, Beaches and Oceans), deserts and mesa biomes (Red sand). In making TNT all types of sand can be used either ordinary or red sand because both sands will give the same results when making.


To make TNT is not difficult, after getting the materials needed to make TNT you just have to craft it on the manufacturing table by placing 5 Gunpowder like the letter X and 4 sand or sand in an empty box. For more details see the picture below.

After that, move the TNT to your inventory and it is ready to be detonated. There are many ways that can be done to detonate TNT from safe to dangerous of course. You can read about it in the previous article about how to detonate or activate TNT.

Ok, that’s how to make TNT in Minecraft PE.

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