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In this hero tutorial we will learn how to use the highest difficulty hero, Fanny. Lots of gamers want to learn how to play Fanny, but often become feeders because they don’t know how to master that one hero. Ane himself regretted that he had immediately played against Fanny during a (classic) match, until he ended up being the feeder many times, until he was insulted throughout the match. Especially when someone throws a rope into the tower he often dies like a fool and puts hats on these heroes again.


Most frequently used hero in MSC Fanny tournaments (highest ban rate is 63%) as Fanny is the most powerful hero (OP) when used by professional players. According to MSC data, Fanny is also the fastest farm hero as he can move lanes in seconds. This hero is indeed the fastest hero in terms of lane pushing and mapping. Unfortunately, this hero is often stuck in the nerf, although difficult to master, even ML developers are getting weaker, but this hero is still very strong in the hands of reliable users. The point is to keep coming back to who used it and how they used the hero.
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Fanny’s advantages:

With Fast Farming, Fanny can change paths in no time, which makes her the fastest heroine, so she can quickly gain gold and experience (level up quickly), you could say this hero is very, very strong in the early to mid-game phase.

Ultimate mobility, Fanny’s 2 skills (steel cable) make her the hero with the best mobility in the game. She can attack and flee whenever she wants, ideal hero for diving and sniper / mage attacks behind tanks during war.

It’s hard to kill, obviously because Fanny can escape instantly and no hero can defeat her while escaping, Fanny is also one of the best heroes in the fight against Argus because she only runs away at Argus Ulti and attacks again when the birthday is over . End.

Explodes one shot of damage, in the middle of the game Fanny is usually 2-3 levels higher than her opponents, so it’s not surprising that Fanny’s skill combo can instantly kill the opposing hero with one attack (Tornado Strike + Ulti combo) . Can’t believe it See just an excerpt below.

It’s fun to play, I myself love to play Fanny Hero because the gameplay is really fun, especially when I get Pentakill / Wild with this hero.Fanny’s flaw:

Very difficult to play / master for novice hero players, quite difficult to master because it is not easy to use cable skills and every time a folder is changed / updated fanny users have to learn to use new folders get used to (learn anew).

Depending on the fan, Fanny’s biggest weakness is that her energy is very limited, her energy regeneration system is faster than where she is, but her energy consumption is also faster than where she is, what’s worse is that there is no item that can help Fanny’s energy regeneration / Consumption, so the hero should always have priority in order to receive buffs.

Very gentle, basically all assassin heroes are soft, especially Fanny. If this hero stuns / deactivates CC when the war team is confirmed, he will die instantly.

Weak at the end of the game, my advice is to finish the match under 15 minutes as soon as possible when using Fanny as the opposing hero reached the full build item in the late stage of the match (> 15 minutes) and is level 15 which made it harder for Fanny to kill while keeping Fanny’s energy, that’s all.

Fanny tips on building objects:


  • F.anny doesn’t have to buy shoes, because with Skill 2 you can get everywhere quickly.
  • Fanny doesn’t need to buy any attack speed items either as it depends on skills, especially Tornado Strike, to kill opponents (not the rich killer types of Karina and Natalia).
  • Create a Bloodlust Ax item to make our blood rise every time the skill deals damage.
  • Magic Blade is useful for survival (survival) in a critical time. This item provides a temporary blood reserve when HP drops below 30%, as well as an immortal item.
  • There are also occasional players who can build with blade armor for higher physical defense (half armor) and do less damage when hit by normal attacks (so it doesn’t just turn into a fist attack when stunned).
  • The most suitable battle spell for Fanny is retaliation.

Fanny Battle Spell Retribution The goal is to speed up faster and most importantly, make sure we always get a boost when playing with strangers (use retaliation for last hit monster buff).

For emblems we can use physical or physical assassins.

Fanny is very strong against all sniper heroes and magicians because it can be so easy to get involved with cables, even when the war team,

Fanny is very good against the following heroes:

  • All marksman heroes.
  • Rafaela, Estes, Gord, Vexana.
  • Natalia, Bane, Argus (one of the best counters for Argus).

Fanny is pretty weak against the following heroes:

  • Nana -> Skill 2 Nana can make Fanny helpless for 3 seconds and she will definitely die if you get this curse while flying in the middle of team fight / war.
  • Aurora -> freezes Aurora’s effect with Skill 2, which safely freezes Fanny even though she is flying at high speed (while within range of the Aurora).
  • Eudora -> 2 effects of Eudora’s stun skill often cause Fanny to die helplessly during gun warfare / diving.
  • Saber -> Ultimate Saber will hunt wherever Fanny flies.
  • Franco -> Franco’s Ulti can also be used when Fanny attacks (as soon as she flies past Franco, press Ulti immediately).
  • Chou -> Chou’s ulti can also be used like Franco.
  • Ruby -> Skill 2 and Ruby’s Ulti can control Fanny’s movements at the right time.

One-shot skill combination:

First use Skill 2 to attack, then use Ultimate, then Skill 1 and use Skill 2 again to escape.

Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2 (Escape)

Several cable tricks:

TThe technique is usually used by Pro User Fannies who are already familiar with Cable Skills and Expert Expert Maps, Fanny can pull the cable many times with 2 Skills (until the energy is used up), normally only 2 cables are used per player Fly / attack but Fanny’s top players can use up to 3-4 wires to push lane, including attacking the opponent.

There are also those that use up to 6-8 wires, but more than 4 wires are usually ineffective (just moves quickly). This trick has a high level of difficulty, so it is best to master the map and improve your cable throwing precision.

Tips & Tricks for Fanny Hero Guide:

Use the minimap above to remotely toss the cord against the wall (if you can’t see the wall).

When the war starts, wait for the enemy hero to turn the existing stun on or off.

During tower diving / war always pay attention to the energy bar we have, it is enough to attack and run away, if not enough, then wait a while (Fanny energy regeneration approx. 10-15 seconds).

Before eliminating the ultimate, try to get 2x enemy 2 skills (remember that Fanny’s passive skill while flying gives a mark / loot on the enemy and can be stacked 2x). a loot token.

If the enemy is near the wall (sticking to the wall) we can continuously attack quickly with skill spam 2 until the enemy dies / runs out of energy.

The best way to master Fanny is to keep practicing diligently as it takes a lot of trial and error to master cable timing, especially when attacking enemies, team wars, and diving towers.

Be diligent, watch Fanny User Pro videos on YouTube or stream the best Fanny players live.


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