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Title: Deadly multi-target hero skills in Mobile Legends
Link: Deadly Multi-Target Hero Skill in Mobile Legends

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Deadly multi-target hero skills in Mobile Legends

Deadly multi-target hero skills in Mobile Legends

The Mobile Legends game has so far featured more than 70 heroes with a wide variety of different character types and skills. Tanks, Fighters, Mages, Snipers, Assassins and Supporters are the hero types that you can make your favorite hero at the same time as the main hero in every match. Choosing a single-target, multi-target, melee, and ranged hero hero is part of the attacking character that each hero has.

Heroes with skills Single target namely heroes whose attacks can only hit an enemy hero, while heroes with skills Multi-target namely heroes whose attacks can hit more than one enemy, even all enemies nearby, will be affected by the skill. In fact, heroes with muti-targeting skills are more profitable to the team than heroes with single-targeting skills. At the very least, there is an assortment of heroes with multiple goals in the team to make the team more varied and stronger.

The role of a hero with muti-target skills is very important when the team is ganking or ambushing the opponent, which will certainly be in a group battle with all heroes of a team and heroes of the opposing team.

This time we’re going to talk about Hero Mobile Legends with deadly multi-target abilities. Who are these heroes? You can see below.

    1. Odette
    Deadly multi-target hero skills in Mobile Legends

    A magician-type heroine with a very calm and elegant appearance, Odette. Odette has the ultimate ability, namely Swan songwhere Odette sends out a song or a song in the vicinity of Odette, all enemies in the circle are affected by a slow effect and continuously inflict magical damage so that the enemy hit slowly loses blood and dies. This skill is active and has for 2 seconds a 50 second cooldown.

    Deadly multi-target hero skills in Mobile Legends

    Balmond is a tank-type hero and deadly killer for enemies hit by his ultimate.Deadly counter is an active Balmond skill in the shape of an ax that is struck on the ground to form a fan-like area, increasing HP by 350 points and a slowing effect of 60% for 2 seconds for opponents who are hit or in the fan Area.

    3. Eudora
    Deadly multi-target hero skills in Mobile Legends

    Eudora is a Mage-Type hero with Ultimate Multi-Target, namely Hit by thunder where did Eudora take out? thunderstorm or a bolt of electricity big enough for the enemy, the effect of Lightning Storm will inflict up to 700 Megic Damage on the main target and 400 Magic Damage on other enemies. Hero Eudora is also one of the cheapest and deadliest heroes in the Mobile Legends game, with BP (Battle Points) you can have 2000 Eduro.

    Deadly multi-target hero skills in Mobile Legends

    Layla is a sniper type heroine who can be obtained for free if you follow the tutorial on how to play the Mobile Legends game. This hero is one of the heroes who speak Indonesian Destruction frenzy which consists of firing very lethal cannon energy along a path at a predetermined target, the shot does 500 physical damage to enemies on the path.

    5. Valir
    Deadly multi-target hero skills in Mobile Legends

    Valir is a hero mage who has an ability that can shoot fire forward and inflict magical damage on the affected enemy Scorching TurrentWhile not the main skill of the Valir hero, this skill is very deadly and can fend off enemies when encountered Arcane flame When Valir is active, the Searing Current skill can be used 2 times without a break after 20 seconds of active passive skill.

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