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Title: Helcurt Gear and Build Hero Assassin Mobile Legends
Link: Build Helcurt Gear and Hero Assassin Mobile Legends

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Helcurt Gear and Build Hero Assassin Mobile Legends

Helcurt Gear and Build Hero Assassin Mobile Legends


Helkurt is a Mobile Legends hero assassin who looks like a monster with a very scary aura.
hero this crawl path also looks very deadly, because it is equipped with two blades in the hands and has long fingernails.

Well this is where the admin will post about the Ferocious Gear Build Helcurt. Yes, I immediately shared my Gear Build Concoction which I think is very vicious.
1. The first is Gear Jungling, which, as usual, increases gold and levels faster. You can choose between these two jungle equipments. but the admin suggests choosing Beast Killer jungle gear.

2. The second is to choose WindTalker gear to increase movement, attack speed, and critical hits.

3. Next, you need to purchase Haas’s Claws equipment so that your HP or blood can be regenerated

4. To buy shoes, here the administrator recommends buying shoes according to the opponent. If the opponent has a large number of magicians then choose Tough Boots, if most of them are Assassins or Snipers (MM) choose Warriors Boots, but the administrator recommends choosing Fast Boots to increase attack speed.

5. The 5th is the purchase of Berserker’s Fury gear for additional critical attacks

6. Then buy Scarlet Phantom attack speed and critical gear

7. Next, sell your jungle gear and choose Malefic Roar gear.

8. And the last one sells shoes to buy immortality equipment to be resuscitated or resuscitated after death.

Well, that’s the Gear Build I use for the Helcurt hero. Hopefully the Gear Build will come in handy.
This build of equipment has an advantage in that the Helcurt hero can be 1 versus 1 to 1 versus 3 if the hero user can apply their tactics.
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