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The strongest hero in Mobile Legends in the latest Season 15 patch – Update the patch! This is a list of recommendations of the Strongest Mobile Legend Heroes in Season 15 suitable for solo players.

Based on the latest patch released by Moonton on January 22nd, 2021, several OP heroes who were previously in the S + class had to be dropped and replaced with other heroes. Which hero then has the power of OP in season 15? Check this out!

We always update the list of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends according to the latest patches that appear. Make sure to check this article whenever Mobile Legends is updated.

Mobile Legends players need to be familiar with the name “stains“. With patch updates we can find out which heroes experience a strengthening (buff) or weakening (nerf).

Knowing this, we can think better when choosing heroes, especially when the ranking is taking place. So below is an overview of the hero rankings from strongest to weakest.

Mobile Legends strongest hero ranking

Based on this latest patch, the list of heroes with an S + class rating will only be owned by 8 heroes. Here are the details:







Based on this latest patch update, none of the Fighter and Support Heroes will be rated S +. However, if you want to use a hero with no rank S +, try using a hero with rank S or A + but do not use a hero with a lower rank.

So the article recommending the strongest mobile hero in season 15 based on the latest patch. Hopefully this article is useful and don’t forget to share it on your social media.

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