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Open Squad Mobile Legends Season 21 – We have an open squad of mobile legends ready for Season 21. We need shooters, magicians, assassins and tank players. If the required role is right and you are interested in taking part in the Mobile Legends tournament, then don’t waste your talent!

We have had very good reactions lately from readers, especially lovers of the Mobile Legends game. Feedback like this makes our writers even more enthusiastic about presenting the best information about this game.

After completing the journey of the mobile legend article, we’ve finally come to the conclusion we need to put together a roster for our talented readers. For those of you who would like to take advantage of our Mobile Legends Open Squad event, it is a good idea to read the terms and conditions below.

2021 Mobile Legends Open Squad Details

Open Squad Mobile Legends 2021

We need your skills, not your kills – Yin Yang

Update the requirements for Mobile Legends Squad Open members for Season 21

  • For those who have already registered but have not been approved, you can re-register by following the new requirements below.
  • Make sure you are over 15 years old.
  • The required level is at least Legend to Mythic. Registration is also not recommended.
  • The total number of battles is more than + 500 times with Win rate ranked more than 52%
  • Ready to adhere to the training and sparring plan.
  • Card savvy and selfless.
  • Easy to arrange.
  • Forward, understand the code, attack, back off, gather, and more.
  • Can use at least 3 hero roles.
  • It’s not easy to get bored.
  • Squad ID added Yin yang ie 413424

Yin-Yang squad rules


  • Join the WA group and be active
  • Want to hear suggestions from all members and not be hostile
  • Play diligently with the squad. The reason for this is that there is a member points check once a week. For those whose membership points do not exist or are very small, I will remove them *.
  • You will learn more rules in the group after you have officially become a member of Yin Yang.

We don’t hesitate to remove members who are rarely active. All of this serves to ensure smooth communication when participating in the tournament.

How to select candidates for a yin yang member

Once we have details like IGN and game stats we will discuss how likely you are to join our roster. After that, we will contact you through the IGN Mobile Legends you attached.

If your application is not answered within one month, it means that your application will be rejected. We will add the selected player as a friend to Mobile Legends and try to fight against the entire team of the Yin Yang squad.

Also read:

Winning or losing does not guarantee your qualification. Because with this method we will assess how many individual skills and teamwork you have. Players who are not card blind and know how to cover friends have greater odds and more value.

Players who meet the criteria will be contacted immediately through the Mobile Legends chat column.

We’re sorry! We deliberately closed the Whatsapp number because almost dozen messages were received every day and disrupted the activities of the squad manager.

After registration,

  • Don’t forget to add our Squad ID so we can check it out more easily. Our squad ID is 413424.
  • Then contact the squad admin with the user ID 27238325

Please abide by all the rules we have agreed upon, thank you.

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