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Do you want to change the nickname? Tricks to Buy Cheap Rename Cards 50 Diamonds Only – Tired of your nickname or name? How to buy a Legends mobile renaming card for only 50 dm.

Playing the game is not all about good skills, it’s also about cool skins and of course a different nickname than most gamers in general. With a unique name, you can be easily recognized by other players.

Not only that, multiple communities that hold up open member team ml also provides a requirement to rename the CN alias to make it look more compact. Some tournaments also have the same requirements. So don’t be surprised if a lot of players want to change their account nicknames.

But what if the name change card in Mobile Legends game is very expensive? It must be lazy to buy.

Sacrifice pocket money for cheap top-up with credit can only fast for a week, even has to pay more anyway, just to change the name. It really is awesome.

Eat, but wait. In fact, buying a rename card to change your gaming account nickname does a secret trick, you know!

How to Buy the Cheapest Mobile Legends Rename Card

Especially for those of you who want to change your name to CN alias, this time around I’m going to share a secret tutorial on how to buy a renaming card for the cheapest price. It’s only 50 diamonds.

In the first step, prepare 50 diamonds in your account. If not, please top up first. By the way, you can now charge a permanent special skin for only Rp. 15,000. For the trick, please read the following article.

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If you already have 50 diamonds, please click the Top Up logo in the Mobile Legends game. If you are already logged in, please click on Menu Recharge first season (This promotion is always available at any time of the year).

how to change cheap mobile legend nicknames

You can buy directly from this menu Rename card mobile legends at a very affordable price, only 50 diamonds.

Also, to claim the promo, make sure you have topped up at least three times this season. Very cheap, isn’t it?

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