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The latest 2021 update on Patch Note 1.4.44 & Price Events in Mobile Legends in 2021

Assalamu alaikum, friends, this time Masharis will try to share articles about games
Cell phone legends Here, too, Moonton, as the developer of the Mobile Legends game, has updated the game to patch note 1.4.44 and at the same time there will be a new event. Friends, you already know that the Chinese New Year is coming soon, so to celebrate that day, the mobile party Legends holds a give-away.

Chinese new year

Before we talk about Moonton’s giveaway, Masharis will first discuss what happened to the hero updated in this patch note 1.4.44, whether he was buffed or nerfed with certain heroes. Without much more bacod we gas kun.

In this update, Moonton has customized the following heroes:








Wan wan






Nerf Hero in this Season 14 Patch:
Ling (Cloud Runner: Crit change increased from 20% to 40%. Crit damage reduced from 160% to 140%. Finch pose: Cooldown increased from 8-7 seconds to 11-9 seconds, now Ling can be targeted when he is on a . is wall).
Granger (Sonata of Death: reduces the base damage from 150/200/250 to 120/160/200. Increases the cooldown time for all levels by 10%. Rhapsody: reduces the base damage from 30 to 20. Increases the damage growth from 26 to 28).
Kaja (Lightning bomb: briefly removes the increase in movement speed after movement. Reduces movement speed)
X-borg (Base HP reduced from 1078 to 1018. Fire missiles: base damage reduced from 40 to 30. Increased damage growth from 12 to 14).
Lolita (Base HP reduced by 100. HP growth reduced from 228 to 190).
Dyroth (Burst Strike: Reduces damage from successive attacks).
Belerick (Deadly Thorns: reduces the bonus HP from damage from 1% to 0.8%. Nature Strike: Increases the cooldown time at all levels by 1 second. Increases mana consumption from 80-130 to 90-150).
Wan wan (Crossbow of the Angel: reduces the base damage from 70-110 to 60-90. Reduces the increase in physical attack from 60% to 50%).

Kimmy (Reduces physical attack bonus for normal attacks by 12%).

body (The base damage has been reduced from 120/150/180 to 100/140/180. The cooldown time has been reduced from 34 seconds to 30 seconds on all levels).

Pharsa (Base damage reduced from 450-600 to 425-600).
Gord (mystical projectile: set Cooldowoon from 7-5.5 seconds to 8-5.5 seconds).
Bruno (Volley Shot: The bonus physical attack has been reduced from 105% to 100%).
Hero Buff for This Season 14 Patch:
Harith (Synchro-splitting: initial damage increased from 120 to 145. Chrono-Strike: cooldown reduced by 1 second at all levels.
Bavaria (Baxia Mark: Adjusted damage reduction from 28-56 to 35 at all levels).
Martis (Ashura Wrath: attack speed of each spell increased from 25% to 30%).

For the rest of the heroes they are in balance, the heroes are Marsha, Silvanna, Estes, Angela and Franco.

Now is the time to discuss the Monton giveaway to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

for free

The prize consists of a basic skin among the four hero skins mentioned above and a free battle emote from the new Martis skin. The event starts on the 17th of angpau. You can get a lot of tickets after completing some quests, and at 5.30pm you can also get a special Chinese New Year avatar frame for free.

Maybe that’s all Masharis can convey, for friends who want to attend the event, friends can log in on the 17th.

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