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Latest build of Gusion Season 14 Mobile Legends


Who does not know this hero, the hero is Gusion, this hero has a double role, namely assassin and magician. at the beginning of the release the damage was OP, behind the damage and the skills that killed this hero it was quite difficult to play for a lot of players at the time, they didn’t really master Guson’s skills. Other than damage, the strength of the item or build is the main percentage in removing the damage.

On this occasion I’ll be sharing the build and explaining the timeframe so let’s go straight to the build, for those who want to copy the build please.


Arcane Boots:

The first item is called Arcane Boots, this item is a shoe item that can add +15 magic PEN and +40 movement speed. This item is perfect for initial mage damage.

Disaster Reaper:

In this second item called Calamity Reaper, this item contains +70 magical power, +100 mana, +30 mana regeneration and +10 cooldown reduction 120 magical attack for passive delay lasts about 1.5 seconds and increases movement speed by 10%.

Concentrated energy:

The third item is a vampire / life steal item for mages, this item increases +70 magical power, +700 HP. For its Lifesteal attribute of + 25% Lifesteal, the unique passivity of this item is that eliminating the enemy hero regenerates HP (hit points) by 10%.

Holy Crystals:

For this fourth item there is a holy crystal, this item adds +100 magical power, which is suitable for causing great damage. and the unique passive of this item is to increase magic attack by 21% -35% (increases with level).

Divine Glaive:

The next item is an item to destroy the armor of the tanks. This item adds +65 magic power attributes: +40 penetration magic and its unique passive is spell breaker: when HP is higher than 70%, the unique effect is increased by 30%.

Winter club:

If you know this item is suitable for one-on-one against Hayabusa, this item will add +60 Magical Power, +25 Physical Defense, and +400 HP. This item has an active skill that when activated will freeze on use or freeze for a while. The hero cannot do anything, but receives an immune effect against all damage and weakening. Lasts 2 seconds with a cooldown of 100 seconds.

Or friends can use the final item with immortality when it enters the late game. This item adds +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense to its unique passive resurrection 2 seconds after its defeat, and gains 15% HP and a shield that does 300-1000 damage. (scaled with hero level) Shield lasts up to 3 seconds. A CD has this effect for 180 seconds.

That is the build that Masharis recommends in this meta, friends can also replace their shoes with magical shoes so that the cooldown is faster.

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