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The 5 best Android offline games in 2021-2020

Assalamu alaikum all friends so in this article Masharis is going to share the best offline games that are sure to be easy for all android users. Nowadays everyone needs to know the name of the game, whether child or adult, these games are usually available on the Android and IOS platforms. Games are now divided into two types, namely:

So what’s the difference between the two types of games?

Online games are games that use the internet as a medium to run them, in the 4.0 era online games are now out of the question. Almost all circles have the online game application.

It’s different with offline games.

Offline games are games that do not require an internet connection to operate, and offline games are also easier than online games. Hardly anyone plays offline games anymore, although offline games are also good for entertainment.

Lists of the newest offline games from 2021-2020 now, here is the list;


This game is trending right now from children to adults playing this game. This worm game is offline and its size is very small, around 50MB.

How to play:

Friends just grow the worm to become the greatest and get the title of champion for your own friends. And don’t forget, the champion has to stand out from the crowd. You can also change your costume or skin according to your own design.

The rules are simple, remember: if your worm hits your opponent’s worm, you lose. but when the opponent’s worm hits friends. then friends can steal any food they have collected.

2. Brain out

This game is offline, and since it is currently the top 1 on the Google Play Store, the size of this game is quite small. Suitable for friends with small RAM, this game is only 41MB, but can be expanded with the latest Tan update.

How to play:

This game aims to sharpen friends’ brains, friends simply solve the puzzles that the game offers. The puzzle itself is quite difficult depending on the level you passed. The higher the level, the more difficult the puzzles become. can you pass every level?

3. Hunter-assassin

This is the next offline game that is quite entertaining at a relatively small size of around 40MB and up. This one game is fairly new, but not as popular as worms

How to play:

For the game itself, friends become mercenaries who quietly kill enemies. Friends control characters and kill your targets one by one. Every enemy you kill drops precious gems, friends can use these gems to buy faster assassins.

4. Slither.Io

In the fourth point a game called is occupied, this game is almost similar to the game worms the game is almost the same as the above game, the only thing that differentiates the game from wotms is that this game can be played by real players who friends now usually call online. yaps one game can be played in two modes, namely offline and online.

And the game size is very friendly for phones with small RAM, the game size is around 17MB. quite small, even if it is small, but the gameplay shown is in no way inferior to large-format games.

5. Sandballs

This game was booming in 2021, this game is pretty fun for those of us who are stressed out because of work or school assignments that are piling up. with a small size of around 15MB and more. This game is able to keep us entertained while playing.

Play games ;

For the game, friends are asked to collect all the balls and make a path for your balls by moving your fingers. dodge and hit obstacles. Try to get all the balls as far as you can to get full stars.

The description above is a list of the best quality offline games but a friendly MB size.

Finding the game doesn’t have to be too extreme. enough with a simple size but with the quality of entertaining game.

For those of you who download it, friends, just search for it on the Google Play Store, enjoy playing.

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