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The 5 most exciting COC-like games to try out

The most exciting COC-like game to try out – At least you don’t just play COC games, because nowadays there are many games that are deliberately made according to COC and are no less exciting. There is no other reason why games like COC were created because the COC game is very popular even with gamers who reach millions of people. This success prompted the developers to follow in the footsteps of the COC game.

However, if you are bored with the appearance of COC or Clash of Clan games which are games from Superpell. So there is nothing wrong with trying some games that are really similar to the COC game. For example Game of War, Empire: Four KingdomB, Boom Beach and Little Empire, which are certainly a lot of fun to play. Please see the description of this COC-like game for more details.

The most exciting COC-like game to try out

Game of war

Game of War with turn-based gameplay for more mature players. Although the tutorial is a little complicated and not very good, this COC-like game is so easy to play for beginners. Unfortunately, this game is still inferior to the creativity and iconic characters in CoC, even though it was displayed in 3D in its graphics. Don’t worry, there are still interesting things to do with themes taken from ancient Rome and civilization style graphics.

Empire: four kingdoms

Next is a COC-like game that presents war gameplay with real-time battles in the style of Age of Empire or Medieval: Total War. For strength in this game, it is often updated with conferences so that it is enough to get a little surprise. Besides Android, you can also play it on the desktop, which of course can be bigger and more satisfying.

Boom beach

Boom Beach is not only present in the App Store, but has also been available in the Android Play Store for 3 months. The presented theme looks fresh with the improved gameplay from COC. It’s just that some machines on Android devices struggle to play this game because the graphics presented are so stunning. It is certain that this game will bear fruit as it advertises Indonesia like the Line application.

Summoner Wars

You will surely remember Monster Rancher which features a monster breeding theme and gameplay very similar to COC. The aim of the mission is to create the most powerful monsters to compete against each other in the arena or in storyline mode. Although the gameplay and storyline are interesting and exciting, by the time of sati yiyik it will feel like a grinding game. So it is not convenient to buy premium items.

small empire

The theme presented is more like COC, while the gameplay is more or less similar to that of Heroes of Might and Magic, Little Empire, which is actually lost to former Travian or Kurusetra players. The difference is by chance that it is not in the movement of your troops that immediately entered the battlefield. In the meantime, for random damage, of course, you already know whether you will win or not when you attack your opponent.

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That’s it Super game similar to COC game. You can only download some of the above games from the Android Market, the Google Play Store. Good luck and hopefully useful. Regards!.

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