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5 exciting GTA-like game apps for Android

Exciting GTA-like game applications for Android – Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know what a game like GTA is. Well, GTA itself is a game where you can play the role of a person in the game. In addition to that, it also has a mission developed by the developer. The gameplay shown makes you all excited because it is not possible in the real world.

This GTA-like game can be called very entertaining as the game is actually presented with interesting cheats. On the other hand, there are many secrets in the GTA game that keep surprising you with unexpected things. So don’t be surprised if the GTA game has been played by more than 1000 players who are quite successful. Learn more GTA-like games app , here is the review.

Exciting GTA-like game apps for Android

Bully games for Android

Bully is one of the most controversial games in the action genre set in a campus setting. Here you play as James Hopkins, a rebellious student at Bullworth Academy. Make sure you get a sensation like a GTA game because you are free to explore the campus grounds and if you find the campus grounds boring you can go to town to complete the mission.

Simpsons: Hit and run

There is a game for Xbox, PS2 and PC along with dialogue where the action and the voice are provided by the voice actors of the TV series The Simpsons. Well, if you are happy with the Simpons TV series, Hit and Run is ready to be played. Interestingly enough, this has been demonstrated in gameplay, which focuses on aspects of driving. However, you will eventually tour the city of Springfield. The mission in this game is chaos which is really cool for those who like wild games.

Traffic accident - highway racing driver

This game from Dodisoft is very successful in getting people to play it. There are 14 choices of cars that are prepared in the game that you need to try, except for the three available modes. Meanwhile the challenges in this game are like long runs, hot pursuits and the crash mode. Well, of course, you will face illegal driving which involves passing and crossing the freeway which is crowded with lots of vehicles.

Bit Dungeon II game

Next, there is the Bit Dungeon II game, in which it presents an adventure through a place called the overworld and is of course divided into several series of screens, as in other Bit games. However, when the series of screens has been made one part. Some of them like snow mountains, forests, wetlands and other places then all become one. In each zone of this game there is a boss who is ready to face the character to be played.

Game of total anarchy

Total anarchy too Games similar to GTA which is so cool in its small game size. Then this game will feature 2G which is considered to be quite well known. There are also many currently playing that include full open world games by presenting such an exciting atmosphere of the future. The concept of the future appears when it is included in the game in a car that can fly with strange weapons.

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This is the information about GTA-like game app for Android what i can tell you Hopefully useful and can be a reference for those of you looking for games to fill your free time. Much luck.

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