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Easy Ways To Overcome Slow Android While Playing Games

Easy Ways To Overcome Slow Android While Playing Games – It’s very annoying when you play games, suddenly lag or slow down your Android phone. Although the specifications of your smartphone are very capable of playing games in HD quality, this does not rule out the possibility of lag symptoms when playing the game. Especially if your smartphone’s specs aren’t very suitable for HD gaming.

Slowly fix Android while playing games

But don’t worry, you can still get past a slow Android playing games. The longer your mobile phone is used to open games or other applications, the more cache or trash is left behind. And this is one of the factors why your smartphone can run slowly. Below is an easy way to get around a slow Android while playing games that can help you get over a lag on your mobile phone.

Easy Ways To Overcome Slow Android While Playing Games

1. Use special apps

You can take the help of applications specially designed to help you overcome lags on your Android phone. This application has a way of working including the ability to clear the cache and applications that you don’t actually use until you can disable various applications that can make your Android hot. One example of an application that can overcome delays on your mobile phone, among other things, is CCleaner. Not only is CCleaner known for PC / laptop users, it can also be used for Android users. So, with the help of this application, you don’t have to go through the hassle of manually cleaning the cache.

2. Delete unimportant files

Take the time to review the folders on the internal storage as well as the external storage. Deleting files that are not important also takes up a lot of storage space on your phone. As more and more files are automatically saved, the phone’s performance gradually doesn’t get as agile as you think it is. Besides the manual method, you can also use the help of an application that can automatically delete files that are no longer important. An example of an application that can do this automatically is ES File Explorer.

3. Empty the cache

There are several ways to clear the cache, one of which is manual. You can open the settings menu and then select Apps. After that, you can see different cache sizes in the application. You can instantly clear the cache that is draining your phone’s performance by selecting the Clear Cache option. Another benefit of manually clearing the cache is that you can keep your personal information as well as your other settings that are part of the application. However, after cleaning your application cache has been a little slow, there is nothing to worry about as this is normal. After a while, the application will return to normal.

4. Delete unused apps

In order to overcome the lag on your Android when playing games, not only do you need to clear the cache, but you also need to delete non-essential files by deleting unused applications. Installed applications take up a lot of memory. Deleting applications that you are not using will free up enough remaining memory so that your phone does not become too slow to perform. To remove applications that you don’t use, among other things, go to the Settings menu and select the Apps menu, select the application you want to delete, and then click Uninstall. Or if your smartphone features are qualified, you can immediately press and hold the application icon and then slide it to the trash can icon.

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Well, these are some easy ways to get past your slow Android when it is used to play games. Good luck and hopefully useful. Regards!.

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