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The 5 best card games for Android 2021 that you should be playing

The best card games for Android – Playing cards while staying up late is one of the funnest activities, especially when playing with your friends. actually it doesn’t matter what Bang Rhoma Irama said “don’t stay up late” and it’s not recommended because it’s not good for your health, but if you stay up all night every now and then it is not a problem. Well, if you stay up late it seems incomplete when you are not playing games or reading the news. For those of you who really like card games, we are going to recommend this article best card games for android that you can play on your favorite Android smartphone.

Best card games Android 2021

Best Android Card Games 2021

This is one of the best Android card games, as well as games for earning credit. The game seems very suitable when you are playing with friends at gatherings or even when you are bored or bored. How to play this game is very simple. Because in this game you get a tutorial on how to play, so you are guaranteed never to get confused the first time you play.

This second best Android card game has pretty good gameplay. The first time you install the game you will get an initial model of around 1 million chips, and you can also play with your friends to hang out with. But unlike the Capsa Royale game, this one game cannot be exchanged for credits.

Who doesn’t know this domino game? Yes, the game is usually also called cassava. Domino Qiu Qiu’s gameplay is almost the same as that of other cards. But what makes this game different is that you can interact later by sending gifts and other things. The way of playing is also the same as in the game of dominoes, where you have to sort the number of cards your opponent has.

This game is a type of game that can be said to be pretty good to play. The game promoted by Deddy Corbuzier usually has a gameplay very similar to the Capsa Royale game. But unfortunately this one game cannot generate impulses like the Capsa Royale game. In this game, you can compete with friends in your Facebook application. So if you win, your chips will increase and your rank will get higher. You can also prove to your friends that you are a real card player who will never be defeated.

This is one of the best types of card games in Indonesia to play on your Android smartphone. Rummy can be played with a set of 52 cards that can be played by 2 to 4 people. At just 14MB, this one game has been installed more than 50,000 times on the Play Store. Apart from that, this game also has some very interesting features.

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That was the brief info too The 5 best card games Android 2021 that you have to play. Hopefully useful.

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