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Final Fantasy XV, the most adorable and addicting game

Final Fantasy XV games – Do you know what makes this game look interesting? You have to know that first, yes, that Final Fantasy XV games This is one of the most interesting types of games in 2021. The basic gameplay of the game is pretty easy to understand too. However, there are also many things that are not explained in the game, although it can actually make this one game easier. But you don’t have to worry either, because on this good opportunity we are going to give you an explanation so that you can play games that are even more exciting and fun.

final fantasy xv

Final Fantasy XV game details

Infinity sprint

Sprint or run indoors Final Fantasy XV games this is limited by the stamina bar, which gradually goes out as you run. Well, when it’s up, you can only walk very slowly for a few more seconds until the stamina bar is filled again. But there is also an easy way to fill this stamina bar right away. In a non-fighting state, you can press the O button until your stamina is depleted. When stamina is running low, just release the O button and wait a while, then press it again. noctis runs for a while, then your endurance bar is fully charged.

Don’t be afraid to run away

The world of Final Fantasy XV is also filled with various giant monsters who don’t care about your level. While exploring, you will easily meet monsters that will give you a kill with one hit. If you are in an urgent condition please run and look at the minimap when you enter the monster battle and you will be able to see a red circle. Exit the circle to end the fight so you will be safe.

Use the active and wait fight

Active battles in this one game are real time. That means Nictis will swing his sword when you push the button. You can press the button to the right to make the Noctis move to the right. On the other hand, the waiting fight itself will create a fighting mechanism like classic Final Fantasy. The time will then stop until you move. This gives you the freedom to strategize before you finally fight. Well, when you are fighting normal or weak enemies, you can use active combat, on the other hand, when fighting strong enemies, you can use waiting combat.

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