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Simple Tricks for Playing Nintendo DS Games on Android Phones

Simple tricks for playing Nintendo DS games – Last year Nintendo released a console that could be considered quite shocking to the world. Which console brings a new gaming experience. Nintendo Dual Slide, a foldable console with two screens, one of which is a touch screen, makes every game played even more attractive.

now Nintendo ds only one storage console remains, Nintendo discontinued the manufacturer itself. Nintendo DS already has a successor console, namely the New Nintendo 3 DS. For those of you who miss this game or have never played this game, now you can easily do it on your Android smartphone. Here all you have to do is download the game and watch it right away simple tricks for playing Nintendo DS games the following.

simple tricks for playing Nintendo DS games

Simple tricks for playing Nintendo DS games

Phases of preparation

Download Nintendo DS games on your Android phone. Of course, in order to be able to play games on other consoles with an Android smartphone or mobile phone, you will have to use an emulator later. For this tutorial we will use an emulator called NDS Boy via Google Play. Although his statement strongly recommends using an Android smartphone with 2 GB of RAM, we ourselves had no problems testing an Android with 1 GB of RAM.

Download Nintendo DS games. If you’ve ever used a PSP or PSI emulator, you might be concerned about the size of the game, which is quite large and takes up quotas. You can breathe a sigh of relief, however, as many of the Nintendo DS games are minimalistic in size, typically no more than 100MB. You can download it from the ROM provider’s website like Coolrom and also emuparadise. After that, you can put it in any folder and no longer need to extract it.

Execution phase

  • Please open the NDS Boy application and wait for the scanning process to complete
  • Tap Settings, then tick Enable sound
  • Tap Edit Controls Layout, and then set it to your liking
  • Go back to the beginning, find the game file you downloaded, and then tap the file
  • Wait for the loading process to complete
  • You are ready to play this game on your Android smartphone. if you really want to play it in landscape mode, just activate the rotation mode on your Android smartphone

The screen on the right is a screen that you can touch. You can also use your Android smartphone’s microphone to use in some games. Like the Harvestmoon Grand Bazaar, you can blow the mixture through to turn the windmill.

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That was the brief info too Simple Tricks to Play Nintendo DS Games on Android Phones. Hopefully useful.

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