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Strongest Metaheld Season 18 Patch Mathilda

Here is the strongest Meta Hero Season 18 patch, Mathilda, often selected and banned in ranked mode. Well for everyone who doesn’t know the meta hero in this Mathilda patch yet.

Well, what a coincidence, here you can find out which heroes are registered in this Mathilda patch in the meta. Go ahead, let’s see the review below.

Strongest Metaheld Season 18 Patch Mathilda

1. Hero Assassin Most Meta Patch Mathilda

The assassin role plays an important role in team fights, the assassin-type hero can also inflict massive burst damage on the opponent.

However, not all Assassin Heroes can deal massive burst damage as these heroes do not contain a meta. Now for the meta-heroes in this Mathilda patch, you can see the list below.

1. Natalia

Natalia often gets buffs and nerfs too, now on this Mathilda patch. Natalia is one of the most dangerous heroes.

Because he can cause enormous burst damage in the early game and is able to control the lane very well.

2. Benedetta

Although Benedetta is quite difficult to play, this hero is very dangerous when used by the right people.

Chest damage done for any skill in the early game is capable of punctually killing the nearest enemy. That’s why Benedetta got into the Meta Season on Patch Mathilda.

2. The hero with the most metapatches, Mathilda

The fighter role is the most important role in inflicting damage on the opposing team. Hero selection is also very crucial to victory

Now for the battle heroes who entered the meta in the Mathilda patch, you can see it below.

1. Hilda

You must have seen Hilda used a lot. This multi-purpose fighter can be used both as an offlaner and as a tank. The chest damage it causes can cause the enemy to lose a lot of blood.

In this Mathilda patch, Hilda is one of the heroes who still survives in the meta in Season 18.

2. jaw head

As soon as the auto combo dies, the fighter hero who has great damage only needs 1 item. Jawhead is one of the battle heroes featured in the meta in this Mathilda patch.

Jawhead can also be used as a pesky tank like not. he can stir up the enemy jungle with his 2nd ability.

3. Mathilda, the hero tank most patched with meta patches

Role Tank is one of the heroes who can take great damage from opponents, with a tank, of course, this hero can withstand damage from opponents, so your teammates can cause damage without disturbance.

The tank heroes who entered the Mathilda meta patch can be seen below.

1. Tigeral

Tigreal is becoming more and more overwhelmed with his CC skills. Enemies will find it difficult to spend skills or escape their CC abilities.

In addition, Tigreal is also a good troublemaker, because with Skill 2 he can reset the enemy’s jungle buff. Hence, Tigreal can be called one of the meta-heroes in this Mathilda patch.

2. Chufra

Despite the nerf in this Mathilda patch, Khufra is still said to be overwhelmed. Because every skill can generate crowd control.

Hence when this hero is exempted from the ban. Immediately pick that hero.

4. Hero Mage Most Meta Patch Mathilda

The mage heroes included in the meta on the Mathilda patch are very overwhelmed, each of these heroes can inflict massive burst damage on the opponent.

Hero Mages who are still meta in this Mathilda patch including:

1. Lunox

Lunox is a magician role hero who can be used as a support or offlaner. With the massive damage he has, he can make the opponent lose a lot of HP during the team fight.

This hero is also difficult to eliminate, with skills that can change. Lunox is included in the meta in this Mathilda patch.

2. Vale

The skill combo Vale is deadly and relies on his Ultimate Ability and Skill 2. He is able to kill enemies hit by his combo.

This hero’s passive is also very profitable if he manages to kill a point or assist. It can add 5 movement speed which can be stacked up to 10x.

5. Hero Marksman Most Meta Patch Mathilda

If our team loses in the early and middle game, Marksman is a hero who can bring us to a comeback after a loss. The choice of mm must also be taken into account.

Because if you use a hero who lacks meta, there will definitely be defeat.

1. Clint

In this Mathilda patch, Clint experiences a buff for his 1st and 2nd skill, whereby his 1st skill can do a lot of damage to the opponent.

And skill 2 can stun the enemy affected by this skill 2 for about 1 second.

2. Claude

In the previous patch, Claude had a big nerf in his ultimate, now Claude gets a buff for his basic attack.

Well, for your user Claude, you have to use this hero as he is one of the meta heroes in this Mathilda patch.

What’s the hero meta like in this Mathilda patch? The heroes above are heroes that are in the meta in the current patch. There are some heroes that are not mentioned because they are still overwhelmed by the current patch.

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